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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 22, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 2)
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Hi Jake,

With all due respect, and I appreciate many of the recent changes, this is a downgrade, not an upgrade. The icons were fine where they were, they weren't taking a lot of space, and they only needed one click instead of two.

At the very least, can you please put the show/hide details icon back where it was? I use that one all the time. (I could also see where the format grid/multiline could be used a lot, as you can't see Start Date in multiline, but you may need to change them a lot.)



P.S. I admit that this is not an end of the world sort of change, but it was better before. Not everyone likes keyboard shortcuts. Many do prefer icons (less to remember, since lots of sites offer lots of different keyboard shortcuts).

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 16, 2015 in: Todoist vs Toodledo -- Why I'm back.
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Todoist was nice enough, but I found its syncing and saving very very flaky. As in absolutely unreliable. I've never had a sync problem with Toodledo.
Christoph Dollis

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Here is how to perfectly set up Toodledo to quickly and easily manage the Dwight Eisenhower / Stephen Covey (from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) Importance–Urgency matrix for all your tasks.

In Settings > Fields/Functions Used: enable Start Date, Repeat, Priority, Star. You can use more fields if you want, but these are all that are required to have a great, robust system with phenomenally useful prioritized sorting.

Note that Toodledo will repeat by Start Date if you do not enable the Due Date field. Instead of using the Due Date field, you can put the due date in the beginning of the title of the task itself, as Michael Linenberger recommends. He uses "DUE: ______ remainder of task title". I use "<<______ remainder of task title". Each to their own.

In Settings > Row Style: select "Title is styled by priority".

Select High Priority for important tasks; select Low Priority for unimportant tasks. Star urgent tasks; Unstar nonurgent tasks.

In all of your task lists, set 1st Sort: Normal–Priority, 2nd Sort: Normal–Star, 3rd Sort: Normal–Alphabetical (or whatever 3rd Sort you prefer). You will see that your tasks are now sorted correctly:
Quadrant I. Important, Urgent

Quadrant II. Important, Nonurgent

Quadrant III. Unimportant, Urgent

Quadrant IV. Unimportant, Nonurgent
In your All Tasks section, either HIDE Future Tasks or, better yet, leave all your task lists as SHOW Future Tasks and set up Saved Searches for Today (Checked Off–no AND Start Date–is before–Today OR Start Date–is–Today OR Start Date–doesn't exist), Today & Tomorrow (similar setup to prior: you'll figure it out), Today & Two Days, Week, Fortnight, Month, Quarter, Year, and All: Your tasks are automatically planned at all of these additional time horizons with no extra work on your part! They are all viewable with only a click or two. Nonetheless, they all still use the Importance–Urgency matrix; this works out to be exactly as Randy Pausch of the famous "Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" advised you to do in his "Time Management Lecture".

You're done.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 16, 2015 in: Introducing the Ribbon
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Posted by pawelkaleta:
"Even 10 more clicks still takes just seconds..."

The problem with this line of thinking is that that is 10 decisions, and this leads to decision fatigue. Ergo, less mental energy to make good choices about what to do next (or even energy to complete the next chosen task!).
Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 16, 2015 in: New Icons
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Good changes.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 15, 2015 in: Introducing the Breadcrumb Bar (part 1)
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Posted by coolexplorer:
I humbly disagree with the extreme view of some that "every pixel matters".

Every click matters.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 15, 2015 in: Introducing the Breadcrumb Bar (part 1)
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Posted by thepaj:
both requires more clicks to change the view than was needed before with the auto-collapsing side menu
This much is true. The ribbon is nice. An autocollapsing ribbon is better, or just the breadcrumb bar.

I'm loving Toodledo now that I've figured out how to configure it to work best for me, and I've just happily renewed my Gold Membership for another year. However, the autocollapse was nice. It's great to see nothing on the left except your tasks!

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 14, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Yes, we plan to soon standardize the colors that we use to represent priority across our website and mobile app.

Great news, thank you.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Sep 12, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Hi, a few things.

First, I wanted to say you've all done fantastic work on the redesign. It makes Toodledo a lot more fun to use. I had moved my tasks out of Toodledo into Workflowy as I wanted something simpler. To be honest, I'm kind of glad I did, because while there I came up with an easy and effective way to manage tasks. However, actually doing it was a lot clunkier in Workflowy than Toodledo! It is a breeze in Toodledo. So I migrated my tasks back to Toodledo and am now using the newer, simpler, and awesome system in Toodledo. I just signed up for another year, it's so good. So keep up the great work!

That brings me to two feature requests that would make Toodledo a lot better. One, I know I've asked for before, but it hasn't been implemented. However, seriously, it could be done in 50 minutes work or so and I don't have any idea why you guys haven't done it. You've agreed with me that it's a good idea, to my recollection.

To start with, I'll quickly explain my new task management system that might be useful for also for existing or prospective Toodledo customers. This will also illustrate why what I'm asking for—which will hardly take you any time at all to do and almost all of your users will like it—is important to me.

I use star, start date, repeat, and priority, that's it. If I have a due date, I put it in the title of the task itself, as Michael Linenberger recommends, and my system is a much-simplified version of some of his excellent concepts. I set Toodledo to automatically unstar a task once it's checked off. Also, tasks are styled by priority.

I sort first by start, then start date, and then by ABC, all normal, not reverse, sorts.

I do almost all my work at “All Tasks” in just one long list, but it’s well sorted. I hide nothing, including future-start-dated tasks.

I star anything I am intending to get done that day. Most items forever remain low priority.

But once in a while, I want a flag to ensure that a task that may be a little or a lot down the list is still understood to be really important once it reaches its start date. Maybe it's urgently tied to the accomplishment of a dependent task or some such. Maybe it's just money that's due or something like that.

Anyway, that gets assigned a priority. So, the styling of that task changes and when I skim my list, it stands out, and reminds me to star it when it becomes urgent or simply do it. Otherwise, I might overlook a bill's due date or a critical phone call.

This naturally and easily creates a type of urgency–priority overview, like the matrix Dwight Eisenhower used that Steven Covey made famous (for a while, anyway). So you get a lot of the benefits of Linenberger's Master Your Workday Now new system plus Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People classic system and it's extremely simple to maintain.

Finally, to handle “over-the-horizon” tasks, which Linenberger explains in his book and on his blog, I simply change their start date to none, and that puts them at the bottom of the list.

Here is the rub.

For some historical reason, you have different colors for priorities in the mobile apps than you do on the Toodledo website. Please agree with me that this doesn't make any sense and, further, would be easy to fix with a bit of css. FWIW, I wrote this css once as a userstyle, but don't use it since I check Toodledo's website at multiple locations and I want it to, at least, be consistent when using the web version.

Can you, pretty please, have a look at my css and/or simply make the colors match? It would make a huge difference to how I use Toodledo, and to show my support for your improvements so far and excellent sorting capabilities, I've just extended my Gold membership another year. I realize I'm just one customer, but I imagine you can see how having the same colors across platforms is a great idea? That others will like too? I personally think the mobile app's prioritization color scheme is better, but the main thing I'm asking for is that it's the same, for usability.

/* Changes priority colors to match the priority
corners on the iOS 3 app, with the exception of
"Low" priority. There is no CSS hook in Toodledo
distinguishing Low and Negative priority, so this
is unavoidable. Bolds all tasks. This is
desirable because the prioritized colors of the
tasks can be a little on the light side. Also, in
the app itself, the same font weight (in that
case, not bolded, but dark text) is used for the
different priorities. */

.pri0 {
color: #6E6E6E !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

.pri1 {
color: #797006 !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

.pri2 {
color: #B26E01 !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

.pri3 {
color: #700000 !important;
font-weight: bold !important;

/* Makes completed tasks opaque. */

.rowcomp {
opacity: 0.3;

N.B. That was for Toodledo's website on Feb 12, 2015, when I last updated the userstyle. I'm not sure if those are still the right classes for the css to apply to, but probably so.

Thank you for considering my suggestion.

The second thing is that while your color scheme is great, and I like it a lot (I really do), it's blue. It's fantastic for the daytime.

Yet at night, I am using f.lux to lower the color temperature of my laptop's monitor for health reasons. It has a lot of benefits, only some of which are spelled out at f.lux's website. Having bright, blue-hued light in the morning has been shown to help people maintain a lower body weight, better mood, more energy, and so on. So well done with the blue theme!

Yet blue light hurts health at night, causing sleep problems, mainly, which negatively impact all those other problems including weight, mood, and energy. Plus, it's hard on the eyes, and softer, redder tones are easier.

Can you please, therefore, give consideration to an option in settings to have a nighttime theme that uses red rather than blue accents? It would still look very cool.

I might suggest, if you want to go all out and make something super sweet to again outdoor your competitors with a key differentiator, you could even have a setting where it naturally flips over at dawn and dusk, as f.lux does, based on your location. But if that's too much work, and I get that, just an option to switch from the blue to the red theme in settings. I'd just leave it at red, personally, but your mileage may vary.

The thing is, Toodledo is way up there on my list of sites I use a lot, so it would be a really nice feature to have.

All that said, kindly (!) prioritize making the web priority colors match the app priority colors. That is, I imagine, so easy to do, and your outstanding new Interaction Designer, Bridget, would probably enjoy doing it.

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Christoph Dollis

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Posted by Geoff Peters:
The new logo looks nicer than the old one, but I got so used to the old look that with the new logo my task list doesn't "feel" the same anymore.

Ha ha, yes. The purple and gold, not colors I would have personally chosen, had nonetheless grown on me. :P
Christoph Dollis

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I like that, in the web version anyway, Outline items now word wrap properly. That's great and should be brought into the mobile apps too (I'm imagining that as a fairly straightforward fix since the tasks already word wrap in the iOS mobile app.).

However, I'm not really sure about some other choices that were made for the Outlines section.

In particular, it would be really, really helpful if, both on the web version and in the mobile apps, there was a single button for hide/unhide checked as well as another button for collapse all/expand all. There's easily enough screen real estate to do that. They don't have to be massive buttons with tons of text! Those would be way better if they were a single clicks on a dedicated icon for each, not click—scroll—find—click as it is now.

My biggest concern with the Outlines section is it is often too slow on the mobile iOS app to be usable, which is why I, reluctantly, use Google Tasks along with either of two good google tasks iOS apps (gTasks and Go Tasks are about the best iOS apps for Google Tasks, and they're worth taking a look at for how Toodledo's mobile iOS Outlines section might be optimized: gTasks handles hide/unhide better and Go Tasks does word wrap—the combination of those two would really benefit Toodledo's mobile Outlines section). I'd really love to do away with those and use Toodledo's Outlines instead!

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Jun 21, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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I just wanted to add that of all the things which could be added to habits, in order to remember to *do* the habits, my top pick would be a badge within the (web and mobile) app on the habits tab indicating that there are uncompleted habits for the day, and, ideally, how many.

Until then, as wonderful as I think the design so far has been, it isn't practical for me. Because then I'd have to have the habit to check the habits (several times a day, differently every day at that, until all completed), etc. And I might forget to do that. And so my listed habits don't get built.

Anyway, I know you don't comment on timeframes, but please add this as soon as possible. It would make a big difference in usability for everyone, I think. An indicator when you open Toodledo that there are remaining habits to be completed for the day can only help.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Mar 16, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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I think the Habits are great. And I do like the visual design (words not always associated with Toodledo in the past, so you and the team are doing something right!).

The one thing that would make them more usable though, by far, is to have a badge on the Habits tab (both on the web and in the mobile apps) showing the number of Habits still in the Inbox. (It should also be among the options for the app icon badge. Perhaps Hotlist + Habits, or Habits alone, or whatnot: a few options like that.)

This would avoid having to duplicate effort and clutter up one's task list by entering Habits there. Plus it increases the odds one will do the Habits if there's a badge reminding one of Habits undone.

I'm sure this is on the development to-do list. Just saying that this one thing, by itself, would greatly expand the usefulness of the Habits feature, probably more than some of the other things you might work on with Habits.

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Feb 25, 2015 in: Underlining text in task's note?
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I realize this was asked for perhaps 15 months or so ago. However, it hasn't been implemented.

Any chance on getting the ability to add the <u> tag for the task notes field? Of all the tags, this would be the most helpful.

As the other poster suggested, <strike> and <hr> might be useful too, but "u" is the priority for notes, in my opinion.

Christoph Dollis

Posted Feb 19, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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I'm loving the new habits feature. Thanks for the great work so far!


One small tweak that would make it easier to use on Android: for "number" habits, please pop up the number keyboard instead of the normal keyboard. I believe this is done by setting the text field's input type to number instead of text.

Ditto for iOS.
Christoph Dollis

Posted Jan 26, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Posted by Jake:
We plan to make the color the same across our apps.

Thank you for the reply (and thank goodness!).
Christoph Dollis

Posted Jan 25, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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The habit traffic light paradigm—green, yellow, or red:

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Christoph Dollis

Posted Jan 25, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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So, no interest at all in making the colours for priorities the same across platforms?

I'm the only one who can see the benefit in this?
Christoph Dollis

Posted Jan 18, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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The iOS Outlines section is unusable without word wrap. Word wrap would make a ton of difference!
Christoph Dollis

Posted Jan 18, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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Posted by acc.mcpherson:
While I know this feature is useful since I have used other apps just for this purpose, I would have preferred to have seen enhancements to the existing features released before adding more features, for example adding a note field to the outline section. Personally, I would prefer to see you go deeper rather than wider. Also addressing the design interface really should be addressed. The notes section is pretty sad.

One other thing, I would really like the option to hide the tabs I don't use, like Lists and Habits. The addition of features without the ability to "hide" them is cluttering up the workspace.

Thank you for listening.

I do think the Notes and Outlines section are pretty lacking. I'd love to replace Google Tasks and WorkFlowy with Toodledo for outlines and notes, but can't now.

However, they did a bang-up job on Habits! It's extremely useful. So I forgive them. :-P

UPDATE: Speak of the devil, I just moved away from Google Tasks to WorkFlowy Outlines. (It still is badly, badly in need of word wrap, though.)

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