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Posted Dec 12, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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My only gripe with TickTick is the service location. I did some digging and while the servers are claimed to be based in Hong Kong, it seems that the address for the owner of domain was in the mainland China. Not that there's going to be much distinction left, eventually, the way the events have been unraveling. China is notorious for industrial espionage and IP theft. Otherwise, it's a very nice service.

Posted Dec 09, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by KBC1-Gold-Active:
But some folks seem to have unreasonable expectations. This is a very inexpensive SaaS app, and you cannot expect the world.


All of our complaining does not do much to solve the problems we face as a group.



I am afraid you are missing the point.

It doesn't matter whether it's an expensive or inexpensive app in the grand scheme of things.

What matters is that it's more expensive than most SaaS apps in the same category (Todoist, RTM, TickTick etc) while not having even close to the same name recognition and user base as the segment leaders.

And in the eyes of potential new users, Toodledo also has to compete with free offerings from MS, Apple and Google.

Given the extra price, the lack of name recognition, the lack of an up to date mobile client, it is going to be pretty hard to attract lots of new users.

So the question is, how long can the service keep afloat on the shoulders of existing users, many of whom seem to be leaving in droves ?

Asking this is not complaining.

The biggest problem with Toodledo was not the old code. The biggest problem - from the marketing perspective - was the lack of name recognition, an outdated and complicated interface that is not well suited to someone with simple task management needs, and a mobile app that is the opposite of being a joy to use. None of which has been addressed.

Raising prices to rewrite the old code on a fairly obscure product without making it any more appealing was a major mistake and so far there seems to be no willingness to correct it.

Posted Dec 09, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Well, let's summarize what we do know.

The new owners posted their Roadmap in the early November of last year.

It included, among other things, a new mobile app. Which may have not been a big deal for some people, but a huge one for me.

Now, we are into the 2nd year of their redesign effort.

No new functionality has been added (no major one, anyway), some features have been taken away. The development of mobile app (a must in 2019) is dead, for now at least.

While I still used Toodledo web, it worked fine - for the most part. The biggest problem I had was that it would sometimes randomly decide to revive deleted tasks. Which, the last I checked, it still does. While the code re-write is probably needed, it does not yet benefit any existing user.

So, when - and if - this code rehash project is finally done, the users will be left with a somewhat reduced list of the same features they had before, working the same they worked before. Only after this happens, they can expect to see any improvements or added features built using the new code. Of course, new code = new bugs.

With the glacial pace of this project so far, and the high user attrition rate, and the fact that Toodledo is now one of the most expensive task managers on the market yet wouldn't look too appealing to anyone not already heavily vested in the service, the future does not look good at all.

Given all that, the lack of frequent updates from Toodledo team is a very bad sign. And it hurts them by creating even more fear and uncertainty and making things look really bad.

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Posted Nov 09, 2019 in: New Pricing
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Posted by sunboxtv:
@r2az ...I know all about Toodledo changing hands.
I have been around all over the forum on this, and i even posted in a few threads about this..

There is nothing wrong on selling an application..
But do not treat the application as it was just a product (buy cheap --> sell expensive)

You're giving them too much credit for planning.

Posted Oct 14, 2019 in: Silver Subscription Renewal
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Posted by mdhuang1:

Lifetime of the product, anyway...

My Gold subscription expired on 10/29 and I have no intention of renewing. Toodledo is all but dead on the mobile, which makes it useless to me, and from what I can tell there hasn't been any real improvements to the web app either. That lifetime subscription seems like a desperate money grab. If I am proven wrong, I would be happy.

Posted Sep 06, 2019 in: Apple Watch App
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IIRC the AW app was never updated for WatchOS 4. It only worked on 3.

Posted Sep 01, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by AA:
Posted by Ummagumma:
Not having a workable modern mobile application is a huge problem.

You're exaggerating, I think. I use the Toodledo app on both Android and on iOS, and they're fine. Of course, I now only use Toodledo for tasks management and nothing else, the other sections being too buggy/unreliable.

In any case, given the current state of things, doubling or tripling subscription prices compared to Jake's era is insanity.

Guys, I knew it all along. As soon as I read the opening line of Jake's message announcing his sale of Toodledo ("Today is an exciting day for Toodledo", or something like that), I knew that was the beginning of the end. And here it is.

Well, with all due respect, I don't believe I am exaggerating at all.

Toodledo mobile app on iOS does not provide background sync. At least it didn't when I used it. So unless I use a 3rd party tool that did provide background sync capability, I would have to remember to manually sync tasks if I was on a business trip and wanted to be alerted on time.

It also does not support attachments - a premium feature that is one of the main perks of Gold subscription.

It doesn't support Apple Watch or widgets.

Basically, TD on iOS is an archaic app, just a little better than browser window.

While I was still using Pocket Informant, this didn't really matter. Then PI was sold and became subscription based - on top of a redesign that I personally could not stand. This is when I realized all the limitations of TD on iOS.

This is all a moot point, really.

Posted Aug 31, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Hello Anant,

While Marc's reply is a bit harsh, in my opinion, he does raise a few important points.

The lack of communication is very bad for user morale. Especially when there may have been some major shakeup at the top level which goes unannounced.

Giving _lifetime_ subscriptions to new members which are cheaper than _yearly_ subscription that the loyal existing users are expected to pay is very bad for morale, it's a slap in the face actually. And the potential new users who fail to get the lifetime subscriptions are still going to be turned off by a very high price of the service. This reeks of desperation. The whole new pricing strategy has been extremely poorly thought through and executed, it really needs to be revamped back to sane level taking into account Toodledo's actual standing in the market.

Not having a workable modern mobile application is a huge problem. Marc may be fine with pen and paper, but it's almost 2020 and you can't attract new users without it.

All the bugs that don't get fixed are a huge problem.

All together, it does not look good and paints a picture of a service in agony.

Communicate, that's now one of your most important jobs. Even if the service is not dead already, it certainly will be if you lose the trust of your loyal user base, the ones who keep paying the bills. New users are going to read this forum and it does not instill confidence in TD.

The best of luck.

Posted Aug 24, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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It's a quick money grab, indeed. And it reeks of desperation.

Not surprising, either. I predicted this long ago. A service that has less name recognition than most competition, has an outdated interface, no modern workable mobile client or Apple Watch client, no Windows sync client or desktop app, yet is suddenly 2-3 times more expensive than its competitors. How would it do anything but scare off potential new users and drive away most of the old paying ones ? A few diehard old users willing to pay these prices aren't going to make up for these losses.

Greed and unrealistic expectations destroyed more than one product.

So, with this new "Lifetime" subscription drive, there's three possible outcomes:

1) They will keep the servers running for a few months / years without making any major changes to the program.

2) They will collect as many subscriptions as they can, then fold or sell to someone who may or may not keep the servers going or honor these lifetime subscriptions.

3) They will use the money to improve service, fix bugs, add mobile clients, and save Toodledo.

We'll see which way it goes... but this whole situation makes me really sad.

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Posted Aug 21, 2019 in: Moving On: Final Post
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Posted by mjbernstein:

For me now the best part of Toodledo is chatting back and forth on the forum!!


Same here !

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Posted Aug 21, 2019 in: Moving On: Final Post
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Posted by mjbernstein:
It seems strange but I am rediscovering paper and I realize that maybe the computer thing made it really easy for me to do the trivial stuff but really did not force me to review enough.

I am 53 so I grew up with paper planning and seems like riding a bike. Got right back up and feels great.

I am almost the same age and remember wishing that paper gave me reminders and was always there when I wanted to review it... to me, there's no way back :)

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The problem is, its current pricing structure can only be supported by enterprise users. There’s not enough laypeople willing to pay these subscription prices for a niche service with low name recognition in a highly competitive market.

All paid services are getting squeezed. I’ve been using the free MS ToDo for the past two months, started playing with it for sh*ts&giggles but find it actually very decent - whatever deficiencies it may have (hey, it’s Microsoft!) is offset by it having both a full featured desktop client (on W10 and Mac) and a full featured web access client, on top of mobile. It supports file attachments and a level of email integration (only with Microsoft or exchange accounts).

Apple Reminders are getting a major facelift, too. AFAIK separate alarm and due dates, attachments, and some level of natural input. Supposed to go live in September.

I am sure that Google will follow the lead, too.

To survive in this environment, a paid task service would need to pull quite a few tricks. And trying to sell to enterprises is .... a daunting task, to say the least. The dragons at the gates look at the bottom line and don’t understand why they must pay for something they are already paying for with Office 365 or G-Suite.

I am not an entrepreneur, but if it was me, I’d try to give Toodledo a major visual facelift, create simple yet attractive mobile clients, drop notes and habits and goals, and use blogs and social media to promote the heck out of task management systems that utilize TD’s unique features (start time, advance filtering etc). Sell a method, not a service, and make it as attractive as possible.

However the train has left already, I’m afraid...

Posted Aug 15, 2019 in: Moving On: Final Post
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I've moved on months ago. Used iOS reminders with GoodTask, for the past couple of weeks have been playing with MS ToDo / tasks - still synced to Reminders, and with my new "Keep It Simple, Stupid" approach, I can just copy tasks between systems with little tweaking.

Despite its many bugs and "why on earth did they do that" moments, To Do is really growing on me. It's simple, fast, available on any Windows 10 system, has a full blown web interface, and a semi-decent iOS app. It is missing some functionality, but as I am trying to use a task management system that is as platform independent as possible, this is actually a good thing for me.

At any rate, I don't have any desire to come back...

Posted Aug 02, 2019 in: What has changed in the last year?
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Posted by Larry2:
I admit I haven't followed development too much this past year.

Boy, are you in for a treat...

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Yes, no reason to scare them right away, let them create an account so that Toodledo got at least something... like reporting “we had thousands on new users signing up !”

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Actually there *is* a way to do it if you sync your 2Do with Apple Reminders - you can paste multiple lines of text from Notes into the New Reminder entry field and they become individual Reminders. But you still need to set Due date separately for each one.

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Posted by rubenB:
Thx, Umma, for staying plugged in and sharing your sage thoughts. (app agnostic stripped down use of task features most interesting)

LOL, you're making me blush :)

I have spent much time on this forum and received some very helpful advice over the years. I am no longer using Toodledo but I do come back every now and then.

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Posted by M:
Umma, ios/iphone

I really like Goodtask on iOS, but I don't know if there's a way to mass paste text as tasks into it. Just not the kind of functionality I ever need.

I am pretty sure however that there was a Shortcut to mass paste into 2Do. I ran across it somewhere. Try searching for it.

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Posted by M:
I trust my data on Toodledo less and less every day. I'm seeing the posts about the bugs, with no responses. I'm just not sure my data will be here tomorrow.

I've already started moving my list to a homegrown system involving Excel, but I had been using Toodledo as my sync method and pasting my "focus tasks" into Toodledo for management on 2Do. (I really love 2Do!) But I'm preparing for the eventuality that the Toodledo team will, someday, come on here (if we even get a warning) to tell us that they're shutting down tomorrow. Their lack of communication is really pretty insulting.

The one feature I really liked about Toodledo that facilitated my new workflow was the ability to take multiple lines of plain text and paste them in ("add multiple tasks") and have each line become a separate task.

Has anyone who is looking at alternatives come across anything that will allow input of tasks, like that?

I'm thinking I need some kind of Todo.txt app for my "focus," while (hopefully) keeping my tasks in Excel for filtering, sorting, managing.

Thanks for any input!

What platform are you using 2Do on ?

Posted Jul 05, 2019 in: Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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Posted by M:
>> email to task - I use IFTTT for that

I have not been able to get that to work. There's a specific email address you need ( ) and, when I send to that from the email address that I log into IFTTT with, nothing happens.

Is that the way you email to task?


In order for it to work, the stars must align just right ;)

- Your email address that you are sending from must be the one registered with IFTTT for applets
- the tag must have a # in front of it (e.g. #llAct)
- you can't force close IFTTT on your iPhone

It's been somewhat flakey every now and then, but worked fine for me lately. It doesn't always creates the task right away.

I don't use it for the really important stuff, only emails I don't want to forget about. Most of my tasks created from emails are work related and I just copy email to task in Outlook.
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