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Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 24, 2013 in: Good bye
Score: 5
I signed up, spent 10 minutes trying to work out how to do a repeating task, and realised its never going to beat TD.

Not going back.

I love TD too much, and with the recent developments, and prospects for the future, I have no intention of leaving.
Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 21, 2013 in: Good bye
Score: 0

Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 07, 2013 in: Sync with Outlook Tasks
Score: -4
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Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 07, 2013 in: New Section: Outlines
Score: 1
Posted by sprouty76:
Oh, and could use per-node notes. Unless I've missed something.

The goal of this concept is to keep everything simple, and flowing through a hierarchy.

So a note for a node should be a sub-node.

Its really just a brain-storming/planning tool.

I've been using these for quite a while, and it works a lot better when you keep it simple, and get ideas out of your head and onto the screen.

It would benefit from better integration with to-do though. Linking the completion of a node to a completion of a task would be HUGE.
Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 07, 2013 in: New Section: Outlines
Score: 0
Posted by sprouty76:
Saying the button should work the same way as the shortcut. Sometimes having one hand on the mouse is more convenient, especially if you're selecting different nodes.

Also, if the node is highlighted but isn't in edit mode, pressing enter opens that one, rather than adding a new one.

When dragging nodes, it's not quite as clear as it could be where exactly they're going to end up. Compare and contrast with the highlighting when dragging subtasks.

Just trying to be constructive.

The problem is it would be difficult to add a new node if there wasn't a button to do so.

If that button added a new entry under the node, there would be no way of adding a new node without deselecting the current node. (Which is actually quite difficult.)

You'd need a separate button for a new entry.
Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 07, 2013 in: New Section: Outlines
Score: 1
Just press [enter].
Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 07, 2013 in: New Section: Outlines
Score: -1
I think you all love to moan.
Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 07, 2013 in: New Section: Outlines
Score: 1
Posted by Purveyor:
Okay, let's see:

No way of classifying the outlines, e.g. Folders, Contexts, Tags.
No Date Completed.
No Dates that can be modified by the user.
No Notes.
No Filters.
No links to Tasks or Notebook.
No ability to copy a branch.
No ability to uncheck all items in a branch.
No ability to automatically create numbered lists.
No indication of proportion of items completed.
No ability to export data.

Seems to me that this is still in Beta (or even Alpha, depending on what are considered the main features.)

How many users were asking for an outliner in Toodledo?

Meanwhile, as Salgud points out, there are many features that users have been asking for and that haven't been implemented. For example, take a look at this topic:

Have you seen the ToDo section of this site?

I'd try that out if you havent already.
Jason Bushell

Posted Mar 18, 2013 in: Great app, horrible, horrible name
Score: 1
Sounds like you need to sort your life out mate.
Jason Bushell

Posted Mar 14, 2013 in: IFTTT and completed tasks
Score: 1
I use IFTTT to send emails to my Toodledo account when something needs actioning.

So for example, if I get a sale on Ebay, it will fire an email to my TD account that creates a task to check for payment. When payment is then receieved it creates another task for me to mail the item.

Very useful indeed.

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Jason Bushell

Posted Mar 04, 2013 in: 20,000 Item Limit! HELP!
Score: 0

Task 1: Breathe In
Task 2: Breathe Out

Tasks scheduled to repeat every 5 seconds.
Jason Bushell

Posted Feb 18, 2013 in: Toodledo for iOS downgraded
Score: -1
Me too.

I like both of the redesigns. The one on the left would be a great option to have imo. Offer people the choice.

I like both.

Anyone who wants more color has no style. Its meant to be a functional app. If it does the job perfectly, it could look like crap imo.
Jason Bushell

Posted Jan 14, 2013 in: Toodledo for iOS downgraded
Score: 0
I REALLY liked the new design.

Looked a million times better. Sad I had to go back.
Jason Bushell

Posted Sep 03, 2012 in: Competitors
Score: 0
Toodledo is the only one for me.

The rest try and be either gimmicky, over-simplified, or consider aesthetics to be more important than functionality.

I hope TD keeps innovating, and improving. If it does, I will be a customer for many years.
Jason Bushell

Posted Jul 24, 2012 in: Toodledo Redesign - July 2011
Score: 0
I print....
Jason Bushell

Posted Jun 27, 2012 in: Goals - Expanded
Score: 4
I'd really like to see the Goals feature expanded a little bit more.

The ability to actually complete a goal rather than just archiving it would be great.

And maybe a way of displaying goals in a tree format, with life goals at the top, and long-term short-term goals branching off below.

Theres definately potential there. Goals are really important, but I feel like I under-use them in TD as there isnt enough functionality there.
Jason Bushell

Posted Sep 17, 2011 in: Default Inbox for Emails?
Score: 0
Would be nice if all incoming tasks generated from emails could be assigned a default folder other than No Folder.

Or the ability to make no folder and Inbox.

I'm trying to replicate a GTD system, and i find the email import feature very useful.
Jason Bushell

Posted Sep 15, 2011 in: Recurring Tasks...
Score: 0
I don't think it needs to be done behind the scenes in the database.

It could be something done in code, in the display view.

So TD wouldnt have to create multiple tasks, and show them, it would just show them as being there in theory.

i.e If I have 1 daily task today, show it in subsequent days.

Its no biggy, but I see other TD-Lists doing it (RTM), and thought how cool it would be if Toodledo could do that.

I regularly print-off my planner to take into meetings, and its difficult having to explain that everything I have to do today, I also have to do over the next 5 days, as well as the rest of the stuff that is in there too.
Jason Bushell

Posted Sep 14, 2011 in: Recurring Tasks...
Score: 0
Is there anyway to get them to appear in subsequent days, even if they are not completed for the current day?

For example, I have a daily task that only shows up on the next day it needs to be done.

When printing off a list of things that need doing dor the next 7 days, those tasks don;t show up.
Jason Bushell

Posted Sep 06, 2011 in: Notebook HTML Tags
Score: 0
Any chance we can get a few more tags in the Notebook feature?

<strike></strike> Would be one i'd use a lot.

When you want to strike through an idea that might no longer be relevant, but you dont want to delete.

And I really like the improvements you are making. i will definately be renewing my sub.



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