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Posted Apr 24, 2016 in: Per-task Insistent Alarm setting
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Task-wise Normal and Persistent repeating alarms are available in the Android app "Ultimate To Do List".
So are Saved Searches, Google Calendar two-way sync, Manual Sorting and rock stable Sync with TD.
Used this app for over two years without a single issue.

Hope TDs home Android app gets these some day.

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Posted by Adrien Beau:
This is an excellent proposal for improvement. The ability to batch-edit selected items (along with shortcuts such as the Windows-standard control-clic to select disparate items, and shift-clic to select a continuous range) would be a huge step forward for Toodledo.

For those TD subscribers who have a huge number of tasks, having the ability to pick and edit a number of discrete (unrelated) tasks in one step, without going through multiple steps for editing each task in turn, would be a great convenience.
The current batch-edit is good but requires an exercise in mental gymnastics. :)

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Posted Apr 24, 2016 in: Toodledo Task List on Google Calendar
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If it is Toodledo tasks that are appearing in your Google Calendar and you do not want them to :

1. Open Google Calendar
2. Click on the gear icon on the top right (i,e, Settings)
3. Click on the Calendar tab
4. Find the Toodledo iCal entry (careful that you find and delete the right one)
5. Untick the adjoining check-box "Show in list" - if you want to Temporarily hide the tasks
6. Click on the Unsubscribe link - if you want to permanently remove the Toodledo tasks from your Google calendar.

Note : You can always get them back by clicking the "Create a new calendar" button and loading the Toodledo iCal link once again

Best of luck!

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Saved Searches is a must to really use TD to its full potential.
We need it in the Android App soon.

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News: Google Calendar has just introduced Reminders in a neat easy to edit and use format.
It has a neat bell icon, alarms, snooze, repeating, etc across Google apps and devices. Pretty powerful!

Suggestion : Could Toodledo tap into this to synergise with the powerful and popular Google Calendar?

Posted Apr 07, 2016 in: Find tasks that have subtasks?
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Posted by coolexplorer:
Would like TD to have the basic function of a toggle button to quickly hide/show all sub-tasks under each parent task. I am surprised that this simple function doesn't exist despite the maturity of the product.

Thanks Jake. I consider myself a power user, and yet missed this simple method. Ridiculous!
I am happy that I can now delete one of my saved searches and use this method more often.

Toodledo to you!

Posted Apr 06, 2016 in: Find tasks that have subtasks?
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Would like TD to have the basic function of a toggle button to quickly hide/show all sub-tasks under each parent task. I am surprised that this simple function doesn't exist despite the maturity of the product.

Posted Apr 06, 2016 in: Find tasks that have subtasks?
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Using : "Task | Has Subtasks | Yes"
will show you all your "Project titles" i.e. tasks having sub-tasks. You will not see their sub-tasks

Using : "Task | Is Subtask | Yes" with sub-tasks Indented
will show you all your "Project titles" i.e. tasks having sub-tasks + their relevant sub-tasks grouped appropriately under each "Project".
You can choose to show/not show Negative/Future sub-tasks.

IMO seeing all Projects with their sub-tasks available for editing (away from the clutter of stand-alone tasks) helps incredibly in managing them.

Hope it helps.

Posted Apr 06, 2016 in: Disappearing tags
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Jake, as part of your wonderful work in redesigning TD, kindly commence work on modernizing the TD Tag systems function and UX.

An improvement here (particularly if it worked across the TD silos) could potentially solve a lot of user requirements in adapting TD to their individual work-flows. We could then create our own sorting variables and dispense with some others like Folders, Status, Location, etc. according to individual user needs. I think the tag system could be really powerful and a game changer.

Toodledo, has so much potential (is one of my few aspirational programs), hence the suggestions.

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Check out IFTTT to see whether it will accept Gtasks transfer to TD.
I have a rule to automatically transfer all my new Gcalendar events to TD so that I can flesh out the sub-tasks required for the events.

Posted Mar 31, 2016 in: Calendar in Android
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The inability of TD to sync immediately both-ways with my Google Calendar is, in my opinion, a major disadvantage of Toodledo.
Calendar and Task List are both important and should work nicely with each other.

I use IFTTT to automatically copy events I mark in Google Calendar into my TD list so that I can develop and do sub-tasks related to them.
My calendar has many old/incorrect TD task entries which take time to resolve.

If TD needs a 'proof of principle' look no further that the Android app 'Ultimate To Do List' which does this syncing beautifully.

Note: UTDL also allows me to manually sort my today list so that it is in my preferred order of doing.

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Posted Mar 15, 2016 in: Toodledo in offline mode
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Posted by Jake:
We are also working to bring offline mode to our regular desktop website in the future.

That would be great!!

Posted Mar 04, 2016 in: Update multiple tasks
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Posted by tech_2:
Can I select multiple overdue tasks to move to a new date on the IPHONE

This is a long due request which would really make our lives easier. Hope it is introduced soon, at least on the TD website.

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Posted Mar 04, 2016 in: Today's Tip: Toodledo and Emojis!
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Nice addition. Kindly introduce emojis in Tasks section too as most TD users probably spend most of their time there.

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Most Tasks can be competed by or on the 'Due Date' with TD alarm support. The notification however is not 'persistent' or snooze-able on Chrome.

However, there are a few Tasks which :
a) take time to complete so you want to be alerted by a 'Start Date'
b) or you prefer to finish off tomorrow although the absolute Due date is later.

TD does not have alarm support for Start Date.

My go to Android App "Ultimate To Do List" allows you the choice to set a Start Day alarm, persistent alarm, or insert a calendar entry for specific tasks that you consider critical (they inform that this alarm doesn't sync with TD). I find this useful in my workflow for getting things done.

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We do need an enhancement in TDs functioning to be able to select a bunch of unrelated tasks so that we can change a variable.

Yesterday I wanted to delete a whole bunch of assorted checked-off tasks so as to lighten my tasks data-base footprint. There was no way I could do it without individually clicking the trash can and then clicking yes for each task again and again a hundred times.

On the surface looks like a very basic function (offered by most apps) i.e. to click a bunch of tasks and delete, move or change one variable. Advanced Search does not work in these scenarios since there is nothing common between the tasks.

Hope you can fast-track this function Jake.

Posted Jan 29, 2016 in: Tasks playlists
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You can prepare these "playlists / templates / checklist" in advance and use them when you want.
How :
1. Make a new Folder called "Playlists".
2. Type in Parent tasks as descriptives for each list, and put them in the folder.
3. Add any number of subtasks.
4. Important : Give the Parent and subtasks the Priority of Negative (or Low) so that they never appear in your normal tasks until you want them to.
5. To find them at any time you can access your "Playlists" Folder.
6. To feature some of these tasks in your Hotlist you can temporarily Star them so that they emerge to the top of your list, and Unstar them so that they submerge to the bottom of your tasks.
Important point is not to check them off as Done, but rather to Unstar them, so that the same list is available for Repeated use.
If you assign some of them due dates they will still appear on demand.
I assign a tag "Checklists" to all such tasks so that I know to unstar rather than checkoff.

Posted Jan 19, 2016 in: Can toodledo do this?
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For converting emails into tasks in Toodledo :
1. Use an IFTTT recipe
2. Use a browser plugin Bookmarklet (under the tools menu)
3. Forward the email to your unique Toodledo ID (found under Tools > More > Email > Email Access.

Regarding syncing TD with Evernote and Asana its not easy. IFTTT and Task Clone can approximate but not to my satisfaction.

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Posted by Textgenie:
Thanks Jake and all for the sensible suggestions that I tick the box. Of course I did tick the box opposite a completed task. It did nothing to label it completed in the full list. What should I do to label it as completed and have it show up in a list of completed and uncompleted tasks as completed? The Recently Completed tasks list just shows it alone though in multiple repeats, actually four, because I have tried four times to get it to list as completed in the full task list.

As a subscribing TD user I do not see any problem with TDs ability to show completed tasks. You can in Settings select the option of 'striking out' all completed tasks (so that they are clearly differentiated form active tasks). By setting the 'eye icon' filter option to show completed tasks, you can see it along with your active tasks, but striked off. You can check 'Recently Completed' tasks in the first main TD menu. If however you want All Completed tasks you can, once you learn how to, set up a Custom Saved Search View to show All Completed tasks, ad nauseum. My custom list show 444 completed tasks. I go through them once in a while and delete all but a few I need for reference. Most power users learn how to use Custom Saved Searches to slice and dice TD as per their whim.

Love the way any criticism of the set up results in mass confusion and hiding of my posts.

My experience is that the TD forum is really friendly and helpful. Maybe the tone of your first post "worlds worst designed command menu" got TD fans riled up.

Hope the above helps you get the most out of Toodledo.

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Posted Dec 18, 2015 in: Manual Reorder by drag and drop
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The Android App 'Ultimate ToDo List' has just introduced (due to massive popular demand) 'Manual sorting' on their app which does not interfere with the TD web tasks data. Users can use that for their Hotlist daily tasks without interfering with the integrity of TD data.
Just for info. for android users who would like to try it out. It requires an investment of 3$.
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