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Posted Dec 13, 2015 in: Manual Reorder by drag and drop
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Posted by Jake:
Toodledo's Task section does not currently support manual reordering. This is for a variety of reasons, but the main one is that we provide a bunch of powerful ways to automatically sort your tasks and if you could also sort them manually, it isn't really clear and intuitive how these two things would interact. If your list is sorted alphabetically, but then you drag and drop a task higher in the list, what happens when you refresh the page? Does it go back to alphabetical, or does it remember that you want it alphabetical except for this one task that you moved. It gets really complicated and unintuitive pretty quick. We may figure out a way to do this in the future, probably with some sort of "manual sort mode" where all other sorting is disabled.

You may want to check out the Outlines section which provides for manual reordering via drag and drop and also unlimited levels of subtasks.

I fully understand Jake's problem with allowing manual sorting, because TD's structure has been built for generating automatic priorities.
However from a user angle I consider is one of the few drawbacks of TD impinging on my workflow. I am quite happy with TD surfacing important tasks based on priority / start / due dates / stars, etc. from the entire data base of tasks into my Hotlist.

However within my custom Hotlist (Custom Saved Search View) most of the tasks are naturally Starred or with a priority of 3Top. There is no way I can conveniently put them in an order/sequence of doing as per my motivation or convenience. I use a workaround of tagging them with "Morning", "Evening" or 1,2,3,4, etc. but the sorting is a problem because I cannot use multiple tags for a task, otherwise the sort order gets broken.

Possible Solution is to allow another user defined field for sorting. My requirement for manual sorting is actually only for the final Hotlist not the other lists. Maybe some innovative solution can be worked out considering that so much work is being done to upgrade both the design and function of TD.

Posted Dec 08, 2015 in: Batch Edit tool can now append tags
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Great to see a functional improvement (appending tags through batch edit) in the Task area, where I spend 90% of the time. Tags have the 'potential' to surpass many other functions in TD if they are structured well, made convenient and fast. A big thanks!

Is there a way to batch Delete a tag from a number of tasks without affecting their other tags ?

What would be very convenient would be tag prediction when entering the first few letters of a tag (like in Evernote).

Anyway I am happy with the way TD is being developed.

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Posted Dec 04, 2015 in: "New Search" under saved searches
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Posted by Salgud:
New Search is the starting point for creating a new saved search. It is always there, and returns a list of all uncompleted tasks since the criteria are:

Checked Off | No
Task Name | is | blank

As conveyed by Salgud, 'New Search' is the 'beginning template' for adding rules and saving (your custom saved searches) under different names. It cannot be removed as it is the starting menu option for all the good stuff......saved searches. Enjoy!

Posted Dec 04, 2015 in: How do I add a task within a folder?
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In addition to the above, in Setting set your Folder preference under "New Task Defaults".

Posted Dec 04, 2015 in: Quick search
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Posted by n4simpson:
Salgud - Kudos for the Ctrl + F work around. I'd not thought of that. Hit Z then Ctrl +F. It's more than just "F" but not bad for the meantime. Cheers!

Why do you hit Z? Just Ctrl+F works for me in Google Chrome. Ah, may depend on the browser.

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Posted by Bridget K:

Hey all,

You may want to take a look at the quick add bar in our beta website as we have just started testing a feature very similar to this request. If you are not currently a beta tester you can sign up on our Beta Signup Page. We would love to hear your feedback on this. :)


Pretty nifty function to enter tasks on the fly. I am loving it! :)

Posted Nov 30, 2015 in: Hiding jobs not due yet
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Posted by hdsheena:
I think you need to give them a start date, then hide tasks that haven't started yet.

Follow the above instructions and then click the eye icon (Show/Hide) and turn show "In the Future" off. That should do the trick.

Posted Nov 28, 2015 in: Quick Search Box
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Posted by Jake:

We thought about a cancel button, but we weren't sure what to put on the page if you cancel an advanced search, it would just be a blank page. What would you like to happen if you cancel a new advanced search?

I appreciate that a blank page would be gross. The Advanced Search could open in a pop-up so that once the Search button is pressed it could show the full new view. If the Cancel button is pressed the pop-up could close and show the earlier view (the background) from where it was launched.
I am not a programmer so you would know best if this is feasible.

Posted Nov 28, 2015 in: Todoist vs Toodledo -- Why I'm back.
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The current TD Grid layout is better than all other Task Managers, but it is very text intensive.

The Star icon is one of the fastest UX elements and its vibrant color pops out to get ones attention. I use it all the time to move a task to the very top of my Hotlist (irrespective of its priority, due date or status).

How about allowing a few more colored icons that convey meaning without reading. Maybe for "urgent", "importance", "projects", "tasks with sub-tasks", "repeating tasks", "tasks with alarms", "reference tasks", etc. Maybe other users can suggest other elements.

These icons should be user defined and searchable and rank-able. It will definately brighten up the interface and appeal to visual oriented people.

What say?

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Posted Nov 27, 2015 in: Quick Search Box
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All the buttons in TD (add task, eye, caret, etc) have toggle function (opening and closing).
The new Search button (magnifying glass) has a toggle function only in 'Simple search, but in 'Advanced search' there is no way to Cancel the function without completing the search.

Kindly add a Cancel option in Advanced search.

Also since Saved Search Custom Views are so popular among power users, have you found a way to add "task counts" to them yet?

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The request to have Importance and Urgency parameters instead of the omnibus Priority parameter makes perfect sense to me particularly since TD is such a granular and customizable task manager for power users.

Most often using TD I check-off a lot of Urgent but relatively Unimportant tasks, and my really Important tasks never get highlighted enough. Having the Importance parameter will force me to make difficult choices, which is the essence of GTD at the Clarifying stage.

In the Priority field I need only Top, High, Low, and Negative. I don't use Medium (which is a cop-out anyway). I would love to have an additional Importance designator so I can use use the 4 priority matrix without a convoluted work-around.

I also believe that having some way to Manually Sequence my Days Tasks to times convenient to me would boost my productivity.

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Under the TD Help section you can see much of what you desire including FAQs of common terms and their uses as well as Video Tutorials. Give a look see.

Posted Nov 14, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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Posted by StoryJW: would be nice to have Habits and Tasks relate to one another, instead of standing alone; and/or to have Habits be more robust, with room for notes and a "goal" field, such that each habit can be related to a Goal. Accomplishing goals is the reason we want to develop habits anyway.

Another way to accomplish essentially the same thing would be to do away with a separate Habits section, but give us the analytical capabilities of Habits (especially the cute little chain) on any recurring tasks we designate as "habits."

Thank you for Toodledo. I know setting up, maintaining and continuously developing such a robust and user-friendly tool can't be easy!

Incorporating Habits within Tasks would be the cleanest implementation so that one could see all ToDo's at a glance in one view. A Habit is a to-do that has to be done regularly isn't it?

Posted Nov 14, 2015 in: Google Calendar integration...
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Posted by insanum:
I've come to the conclusion that the ways to integrate tasks with due dates to Google Calendar kinda sucks.

1. Turning on the calendar subscription is great but Google "rarely" re-syncs so updates are very slow. Google issue I know.

Having the ability to have quicker calendar updates would be so sweet. ....

Its doable. The TD developer has to find out and implement how to bend the Google Calendar API to implement an immediate force sync from TD. The Android App "Ultimate ToDo List" does this immediate two-way sync successfully. I have been asking for this for a long time as IMO I believe strongly that Tasks with Due dates or the days Hotlist should feature in ones calendar so that once can see whether one has enough time to do them or one needs to reschedule them to a future date. Currently I need to refer to both my Calendar and TD repeatedly.

The other allied requested feature is to have a calendar like view in TD where one can see ones dated tasks in dairy like calendar slots for the day, week, month.

Still holding out for such improvements since the pace of TD developments has been increased and the UX is being looked at.

Posted Nov 11, 2015 in: Calendar Syncing - Only starred tasks?
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Posted by dave.erwin:
So, I just recently learned about Calendar syncing. ..............
But, now I have 500 billion tasks overflowing my calendar. I'd like to trim that back to the most important ones only to avoid information overload. I mark my most important tasks (and ones that really needed to be completed on a certain date/time) with a Star. So, I would like to configure the calendar sync so that it ONLY syncs the tasks that have a Star. Tasks that don't have a Star should not show up on my calendar.

I too appreciate the syncing of TD Tasks with Google Calendar (although it is only one-way and syncs only every 24 hours). I appreciate the need to declutter the calendar (particularly if the tasks repeat daily or weekly since there is no end date in GCal). However Syncing only Starred tasks may not work for many users as in my case I only star my (Urgent & Important) Today tasks, whereas I would like tasks with a fixed Due Date but no star to appear on my calendar.

One way to do it is how the android app 'Ultimate ToDo List' does it. It has a small check-box which can be ticked for those tasks you would like to be shown in your calendar. This declutters the calendar but is flexible enough to show any tasks you want to be shown.

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Posted Oct 30, 2015 in: Ultra Wide Monitor
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Ron Kuntz, Glad you are enjoying your new "34 inch ultra wide monitor". I can see how the extra real estate would be useful and nicer on the eye, though expensive.

I am not a "techie" person (hope the term is not politically wrong), and use a single wide screen on my laptop.

Was just wondering about the benefits of having 2 or 3 screens (which I have read about) vs one large one?

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I see what you mean. Toggle may work.
I personally prefer and use TD instead of other Task Managers because one can see all task details, of all tasks, at a glance, and can change them instantaneously without opening and closing panels.

I don't like other Task Managers like Trello, Todoist, etc because you have to click on a task for it to open a panel showing dates, priorities, subtasks, notes, etc. Why hide all that behind a curtain that requires repeated clicking. TD shows everything upfront. In your face, deal with it. ;)

You can decide what to see by showing or hiding fields, adding your own variables, arranging them in the order you want, or choosing the format/views you want.
It is as far as you can realistically go towards a personal customization app catering to an individuals way of working.

It works for me, and I am sure for many who have deliberately chosen TD as their Task Manager.

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Even currently you can see all the details related to a task in the various columns, and the task notes if the "show task details" is on. Under the extreme right caret icon Format you can use either the Grid format or the Multi-line format to see all details.

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Preferences vary, but the issue of whether the Add New Task button should be on the left or right is not of that much importance cos one can just hit the keyboard shortcut N and the Add New Task popup opens and the cursor appears in the Task description field. One need not click the Add New Task button at all.

I don't use most keyboard shortcuts as I use a mouse on my laptop, but once I hit N, I was hooked.

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Preferences vary.
I don't see the right position for "Add Task" as much of a problem. I use a mouse on my laptop and I am right handed so the cursor is generally right centered. Once clicked the cursor automatically embeds in the Task description field and one can tab through all the variables, except the last i.e.Tags.

One cant put everything on the left and nothing on the right specially if you are trying to make the software mobile responsive.
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