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Posted Oct 08, 2018 in: Toodledo Update: September 2018
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To add, there's two main advantages to using Hotlist over Saved Search:

1) It's easier to get to as it has it's own button. Far less tapping in the mobile app.

2) It can be used in the iOS Widget, saved search can't.

Posted Oct 07, 2018 in: Unable to sync error 1003
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Both the Toodedo app on my phone and 2Do give me “Unable to sync” error. I did try re-creating the login credentials with a new 2FA password.

Posted Oct 05, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Are you planning on releasing the iOS app to users for beta testing ? I am sure that many of us would like to be able to put their two cents worth of input early on...

Posted Oct 05, 2018 in: Toodledo Feature Requests Update
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Still a problem, just a different one... can't log in to add a vote using MS Edge, get stuck in a "Redirecting to Toodledo Roadmap" loop.

Works using Chrome.

Posted Oct 04, 2018 in: Toodledo Feature Requests Update
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I get “Bad gateway” error when trying to login

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I prefer to not assign a Due date unless there is a real deadline.

Most of my work-related tasks take long time to complete, and some have hard deadlines. Start date vs Due date is an important distinction (which most other task manager systems don't make).

Stars are for the tasks that I will work on today. Top priority is for the tasks to work on next.

I'd love to be able to better utilize Toodledo specific functions like status etc. but I can't until they come up with a better mobile client. Until then, I am tied to 2Do.

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Posted by CharleneTX:
I've selected the filter to hide future tasks. I don't see any tasks whose start date is later than today and I don't need to use custom searches.

This was my mistake... the "Hide future tasks" setting (that can only be set to 1 month ahead or later) only applies to Due dates, not Start Dates. Tasks with Start Date after today are automatically hidden when this filter is on. My bad.

I don't use Hotlist, so I can't speak about that one.

I haven't used Toodledo mobile app in a very long time, due to many limitations vs some 3rd party apps. I tried to use it recently so that I could get a consistent workflow between web service and mobile. The Hotlist (which is used for the iOS Widget and can be set as a start view) can't be set up based on task start date - i.e. I can't have a start without a due and have it show up in the Hotlist.

I use Start Date as part of Michael Linenberger's MYN management strategy.

Interesting, never heard of it. I used Start Date without Due Date since I've been tracking my tasks in a spreadsheet...

Posted Sep 25, 2018 in: My iOS app wishlist
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Not that anyone's paying attention to my wishes ;) but just to start the squeaky wheel going...

In order of preference:

1. User-specified alarms that can be set independently of due date

2. The ability to start app in a custom search. Or make "where I was before" remember the custom search last used.

3. The ability to set a custom font for task subject. The current font is too small and too similar to all other text.

4. Background sync.

5. Attachments.

Posted Sep 24, 2018 in: organize Status
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Can't you use the existing Status pre-sets ? E.g. "Delegated".

If you want more control over this, combine it with tags.


Status = Delegated
Tags = John, Verify

Posted Sep 23, 2018 in: New Homepage - feedback welcomed!
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There's many things that I like (and dislike) about the service, but #1 feature that is missing in most competing services is the support for Start Date.

Start Date + Due Date based task tracking is far superior to only having a Due date.

Yet, Toodledo makes it really - and unnecessarily - hard to use the Start Date.

Can I set the Hotlist to show tasks past their Start Date ? Nope.

Can I hide tasks whose Start date is later this week ? Nope. Only a whole month ahead... which isn't as useful.

The only way I know of to fully utilize the Start Date is via custom searches - which require a somewhat steep learning curve with much trial and error to set up.

This has got to be very discouraging to new users who are trying TD for the first time.

A very simple function that should have been built into the service from very beginning is the ability to hide tasks with future start dates in any view (and not arbitrarily limit this feature to one month from today) and the ability to show in-process tasks in the Hotlist.

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Posted Sep 15, 2018 in: Need alarms independent of due date
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I don’t use the due date unless the task has an actual deadline. I use start dates instead to place the tasks on my list.

Not being able to set an alarm without having a due date is a big functionality limitation.

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I am forced to use Web access so that I could utilize Attachments.

In Safari on the iPhone, the Account menu is not scrollable in Portrait orientation. The visible commands can be used but the menu itself is stuck. If I rotate it to Landscape orientation, I can scroll, but if I rotate back it is stuck again at wherever I was at the moment.

This is not happening when using Edge for iOS.

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Ideally, I want subtasks hidden by default *unless* they meet a Hotlist condition.

So if I have something like this:

Task A
Subtask 1
Subtask 2*
Subtask 3

I would like to only see Task A with subtasks collapsed when opening all other views, but in Hotlist I expect to see Subtask 2 because it's starred.

This doesn't currently seem possible the way hiding subtasks works, i.e. if I select the "Hidden" option for subtasks, the starred subtasks don't show up in the Hotlist. and if I select "Intendent" then all subtasks are shown in other views by default.

Posted Sep 08, 2018 in: Fix the app !
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I just renewed for another year and upgraded to Gold.

I did it to support the service that I've used for ages. But I am fully aware of the fact that Gold subscription is absolutely useless without a functioning iOS app. The main feature in Gold for many users is attachments.. which is not available on iOS.

Reminders sync ? Great feature... not really working unless you manually start Toodledo.

And God forbid you happen to be a nearsighted person... the tiny subject font can't be changed.

Please, before you do anything else, fix the app !

Posted Sep 07, 2018 in: New Homepage - feedback welcomed!
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Posted by GSP1963:
Hi, Sam and the rest of the team!

I'm a little late to this board (summer vacation was a bit of a factor), but I thought I'd weigh in with my two cents.

I think what you guys have done looks very good. If I were to give it a letter grade, it would be a solid B+, which is a significant improvement from where Toodledo's homepage was at.

The main suggestion I'd offer would be to swap out one or more of the images of the bearded man for an image of, say, a woman of color. There's nothing wrong with the pink-complected bearded man, but representing all users by this one image may be conveying a mindset you don't want to convey. Not a biggie, but adding a woman who looks vaguely either Indian or African-American would take this B+ effort up to an A.

Best regards, and keep up the good work!

I surely hope you’re not a teacher. I wouldn’t want you teaching my children. Do you have a list ranking the relative acceptability of races and genders in content design ? Since when did showing an icon of a bearded white guy (very likely accurately representing one of the largest groups of Toodledo’s users) become the basis for downgrading their effort ? Would it be acceptable, in your opinion, to crititcize them for *not* showing the picture of a bearded white guy ?

Let’s keep this divisive attitude outside of this forum, please.

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Posted Aug 15, 2018 in: New Homepage - feedback welcomed!
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Posted by byerun:
Looks good! You might also mention that task start dates are supported which is surprisingly missing on most other other task managers.

Yes,x1000 !

However please consider applying proper filtering to subtasks, as it takes away some of the great functionality that is otherwise possible when using Start dates. Ideally, I want subtasks collapsed, but if any of them hits their start time, it should show up in the hotlist automatically. Last I checked, this was still not possible.

Posted Aug 07, 2018 in: Toodledo Update #1
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Posted by justinhappy:

Hi Sir,
Yes, I am prepared to stopped using toodledo if the value outweighs the cost.
The new owner can think about the free version but the price I have to pay as paid subscriber better not be = (total cost(including labour of segregating the free users cost)/total number of users) x profit margin.[/quote]

So you'd pay $25/year if there's no unlimited time free version, but won't pay $25/year if the free users can continue to use the program without a signup deadline ?

I respect your opinion.. but I don't think Toodledo can afford to lose attractiveness for new users, and this means a free version that doesn't expire.

Perhaps they should offer Saved searches as a paid feature, and limit the number of tags in a free version to 5-7.

But first, they really need to fix subtasks; the way it's currently implemented makes it useless for me.

Posted Aug 03, 2018 in: My Due Date/Real due date
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The best approach to this - IMHO - is to use the Start date.

For me, Start Date = Task trigger

Due Date = Task deadline. I don't assign due dates that are not deadlines. Most of my tasks have a start date but many don't have a due date.

I have filters set up to hide all tasks that didn't hit the Start date yet.

If I decide to work on it now / today / next, I either star it or add Priority. The tasks that I plan on working today are starred - never more than 3-5. The tasks to work on next are Priority 1 - again, trying to keep it no more than 4-6. Typically most of my tasks are hidden anyway because their start time hasn't come yet.

So, say I have to file taxes by April 15th. Since I am not an accountant, it would take me a couple of days to find all the paperwork, fill in forms etc. Taking into account all the other stuff that needs to be done, and wanting to get it done early, I will set Start date to, say, March 23 and due date to April 15th. The task will be hidden and out of sight until March 23. On that day, I will have to do something about it - either assign it a new Start date and hide it again, or make it starred (i.e. start working on it today), or make it P1 (i.e. line it up to start working on it in the nearest future).

All of this can be set up in Toodledo.

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Posted Aug 03, 2018 in: Toodledo Update #1
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Posted by justinhappy:
I am prepared to shift to excel and other crappy alternatives if I feel that I am subsidizing all these free loaders.

So you would rather lose a reasonably priced, decent service that you like (and the silver plan is reasonable) than subsidize the free users ?

Evernote adapted that approach, and I don't think it's working out too good for them in the long run. But at least, Evernote used to be the single biggest brand in it's field, with many dedicated users who agree to pay the much higher prices to keep access to their service, so the corporation should be able to milk the existing users for years to come.

I don't think Toodledo has nearly that much power. I do agree that the free version is way too generous, but at the same time, it has to be very attractive to attract new users in first place.

I personally think that unless a service has really good brand recognition, having a non-expiring free option with a decent basic set of tools is very important. You want users to rely on your service and naturally grow into wanting to buy extended features. Most people, myself included, would be very hesitant to commit to a service for even a month if we are going to have to pay at the end. It's a lot of work and personal time investment to move dozens or hundreds of tasks to a new platform and do all the necessary tweaks to make it work.

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