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Posted Sep 30, 2015 in: How to record it when I fail in a task
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Posted by justodaverio15:
AH great, I can put the hour in task and in Habits if done or not. I actually use it that function. Thanks a lot. And what I really want know is to to schedule my day, but I don't know what hour is the best for me. Do you have some tips?

It is exactly for this 'real life example' that, while we may set separate Goals or Habits and analyse their achievement separately (with graphics), the tasks associated with their achievement should appear in the Task tab so that we can find time and schedule for their achievement within the crowding of our day with other tasks. This is accentuated when Habits are not daily but on a intermittent schedule.

This can be achieved if tasks related to our major Intentional Goals and Habits appear in our regular Daily Task list i.e. Hotlist (clearly marked with a differential symbol, font, color or other differentiation). We Humans do better with a single list rather than multiple lists (which me must remember to check : a to-do for that).

One master list / dashboard (a God mode?) would make TD supreme in elegance and utility.

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Anyone has an easy / convenient way of adding a sub-task to a Parent Task (Project) from TD New Task entry fields or the TD Bookmarklet?

When I think of a new sub-task I do not want to search the TD database each time for all Parent Tasks / Projects and then click the caret icon of an appropriate Parent Task before I can add the sub-task.

Maybe TD can develop a new field in the New Task entry panel that add a drop-down field for Parent (Project) tasks so that one can easily attach a new sub-task to the appropriate Parent/Project. I suppose it will have to limited to a few Major Projects stored in a separate Project folder (not GTDs definition of a Project).

Anyway something worth considering. ;)

Posted Sep 29, 2015 in: How do I Freeze the TD Headmast
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Posted by Jake:
If your web browser window is tall enough (700 pixels) then the header will automatically stick to the top of the screen when you scroll. If your window is too short, then there isn't room to do this so the entire page will scroll.

Jake, thanks for the clarification. I was wondering why such an obviously sensible thing disappeared.
I use a Dell Inspiron N5110 SRS wide-monitor laptop with a Display resolution of 1366 X 768 . I use a Chrome bookmark bar on top and the standard Windows 10 task bar at the bottom.

At a magnification of 100% the TD head-mast scrolls and when I change it to 90% it stick to the top (my preferred option), but then the text gets too small for comfort.
Basically it works as you state.

Can we reduce the width of the TD mast-head slightly or reduce the allowed standard to 650 pixels to allow for 'head-mast sticking' on more devices. After all I am on a regular laptop, not a tablet, phablet or mobile.

By the way the new Star and Note icons are now very clearly visible.

Posted Sep 28, 2015 in: How do I Freeze the TD Headmast
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I used to be able to scroll down the TD website page in the Task Tab while the Head-mast with the Breadcrumb bar and the Column titles remained frozen and visible. This was a small but essential feature. Now when I scroll down the Head-mast disappears and disorients me. I don't see anything in the Setting which allows this option. Has their been some change?

Posted Sep 28, 2015 in: Todoist vs Toodledo -- Why I'm back.
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Hey Andreas, Thanks for the comparison.
Most of the points you mentioned were about what you had in Todoist and don't have in Toodledo, necessitating workarounds. By the way I agree with your analysis on all the points, some of which can be taken up for development in TD. What are the features in Toodledo that made you shift here from Todoist?

Here is how I workaround some of the problems you mention :

1. A daily recurring task (with any setting in TD) does fill up every day in GCal .... to the end of time. To avoid this I created a Custom Search View of Folder "!Pinned Daily Routine" that presents a sequential list by Primary Sorting on Tags (1, 2,... a10, a11... a20). Try avoiding any dates, but put Start Times (no date at 9am, etc). To prevent the tasks from popping up in other Views I assign a priority of Low and all other Custom Views filter for "Folder is not !Pinned Daily Routine"
Of course it is overworking TD filters (can just make a list, or sub-tasks) but works, is a one time setup and a click away. Doesn't show/clutter in GCal but on TD web and my Android App "Ultimate ToDo List".

2. To prevent certain Tags from disappearing if all tasks having that tag are deleted : I have a couple of Tasks (dummy templates) that are assigned all the tags in them and the task is given a negative priority so that it doesn't show in any list but prevents my Tags from disappearing even if all real tasks are deleted.
This workaround is ridiculous and may be easily fixed by TD i.e. only Delete Tags via the Organize setting.

Many of my Checklists (groceries, travel packing things, things to do at my vacation house, etc) are marked Negative or Low and referenced in two ways (a) by clicking on the Folder (b) by Starring a few items which immediately pop up in my Custom Hotlist for the Day. I prefer to use one Task tab with its awesome search and filtering rather than moving to Lists and Outlines.

Hope it helps......someone. :)

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Posted by Jake:
I havent seen that before. We use a small black diamond to indicate that the folder, context, or goal is private and won't be shared with your collaborators. I don't know why your web browser is turning this into a big red shiny diamond. I suspect that you have a plugin installed that is related to emoji or something that is turning the little black diamond into a red shiny diamond.

Jake, you are absolutely on the button. It was a new Chrome extension "" that I installed yesterday. Blacklisting the TD site within that extension did not work, but when I turned Emojistuff off the 'big red shiny diamonds' reverted to tiny black diamonds. Thanks for your prompt reply. Sorry for the scare.

Posted Sep 27, 2015 in: Todoist vs Toodledo -- Why I'm back.
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Posted by a.reinhold:
Hi there,
I just moved to Toodledo from Todoist (I was a long-time and dedicated user). The last update of Todoist bascially broke the whole workflow for many users. They made the big mistake to focus more on design and "showing-off" than on functionality. I looked and tested more than 10 days extensively for another Todo app and I'm happy that Toodledo meets almost all of my requirements.

Andreas, A personal request to you: As you use Toodledo in your work-flow, kindly continue to review the two (Toodledo vs Todoist) for some time so that Toodledo users, as well as the designer gains objective clarity on the relative features (both strengths and weaknesses) from a real user of both apps.

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I am getting Red color Diamond icons in front of each of my Folders, Contexts, and Goals. It does not appear in any of the other menus. See the image in the link below. This is in my standard account, not Beta. Just for your info.

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Posted Sep 25, 2015 in: Calendar Schedule View
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I understand and appreciate the expert advice given by both you and Salgud regarding pseudo Due Dates (which I do not use) and the repetitive iterations involved in changing Start Dates (which I sometimes use). Thanks guys, you may be right, I need to rethink this.

What I would like as an enhancement to TDs already powerful features are :

1. 2-way sync with GCal so that I can make minor adjustments to my scheduled tasks in the calendar (edit task title, delete task, move ahead to another more convenient date, etc.) without entering TD each time, changing the field variables and waiting for 12 hours for the sync to register. This is possible as shown by the Android app "Ultimate ToDo List". Alternately showing all my Due and Repeating tasks in a Week at a glance or Month at a glance format in TD calendar. The first is preferable because I can see my entire schedule of 5+ calendars together (Work, Home Shared, Private, TD, Ultimate ToDo, etc.).

2. A way to manually sequence only the tasks in my Todays Hotlist so that I can put them in a particular order the night before and cruise through them the next day. Currently I have to scan the entire Hotlist each and every time before picking a Task to do next (energy and motivation wasted in decision making each time).
I used my own Custom search Todays Hotlist (so it may be difficult but not impossible to provide this feature there).

Love TD and the new design changes. Keep concentrating on enhancing the TASK manager features where I spend 90% of my TD time.

Posted Sep 22, 2015 in: Calendar Schedule View
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Most Productivity articles nowadays suggest that if tasks are not scheduled in time slots in a calendar they hardly ever get done. This is because not only should you have the intention of doing a task but you should have the time and single task focus to do it, or to re-schedule it if it is not possible on a particular day or week. A visual layout clearly show whether there is time or whether there are conflicts with other tasks/events.
Alas the developer of TD is underestimating the power of scheduling tasks.

I could work with a good 2-way sync with GCal, but this is also not there. I have to re-enter TD each time to re-schedule my TD task showing in GCal.

The Android App "Ultimate ToDo List" gets it right with 2-way sync.

Posted Sep 22, 2015 in: Tag Folder
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Just to clarify. What I think you want are 3 or 4 separate work-spaces like Business, Private, Household, etc where at a time you can see only the related Folders, Sub-Folders and Tasks without being distracted by other non-related Folders and Tasks.

Currently TD does not allow you to hide selected Folders, nor can you make Sub-folders.

As a work-around you could create a set of Custom Search Views which would show only the Tasks in the group of Folders selected by you. Tags or some other field would have to currently suffice to achieve a kind of sub-folder aggregation, which would be shown separated by dividers (only if you primary sort is on that field).
Another option : If the number of potential Tasks that you would assign to a sub-folder is limited, you could mimic the sub-folder as a Task (mark it with a star or other symbol) and use the sub-tasks feature.

(I for one do not need Location based reminders, so I have reassigned that field for Contextual filtering/sorting). I use the + sign before the title of my major Projects so that I can clearly see which are the Projects.

Would be great if TD allowed a user defined field for filtering/sorting, and a + icon for Parent tasks and - icon for Child tasks.

A bit long-winded explanation, but I hope it helps. Cheers!

Posted Sep 22, 2015 in: Bookmarklet Calendar bug
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Posted by Jake:
We'll update the bookmarklet to make it a little taller. If you want to modify your bookmarklet right now to fix this, you can edit the address and scroll to near the end where you will see "height=328" and change this to "height=348" and then save the changes.

Cant edit the URL because it only reads as follows without any height definition :
javascript:(function(){var w=window,d =,s = d.createElement('script');d.tdl_script = s; s.type = 'text/javascript'; s.src = '';d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild (s);})(); void(0);

The other dropboxes (for Location, Folders, Goals, etc.) spill over the border and even a long list can be seen. The truncated calendar is seen only with Due Date, not Start Date, which is fine.

FYIO. Not a major issue so I will wait for you to make the correction. :)

Posted Sep 21, 2015 in: Introducing the Breadcrumb Bar (part 1)
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Could the menus related to the individual components of the Breadcrumb Bar be made to drop-down and up on scroll-over. This would save clicks. Similarly for the caret menu of task action on the right of the screen.
These suggestions are made without consideration of the complexity and issues involved, which as a non-tech person I am unaware of.

Posted Sep 21, 2015 in: FEATURE REQUEST
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No need to depend only on TDs existing menus. You can custom design your Saved Search Views to your hearts desire. What is great is that it also saves and retains its custom sorting criteria.
Check the FAQs on how to do so. Once learned it is very powerful.

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In TD FAQs wherever there is supposed to be reference to an icon image, it is showing a filled in blue square. Maybe due to the recent change in icons.

I am now unable to freeze the title masthead headings in the Task tab when I scroll down my task list, it disappears as I scroll down. Unable to find the option in Settings. Has this option been removed. It was very useful.

Posted Sep 20, 2015 in: Progress Report - August 2015
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I use TD primarily as a ToDo Task Manager and spend 90% of my time in TD on Tasks. I also use Google Keep, Evernote, GCal, etc.
If the Task tab is strengthened with rich formatting in Task Notes, Note attachments, Better Goal and Project Management, a good calendar display or 2-way syncing, predictive tagging, outlining within subtasks, etc. you could do almost everything within one dashboard instead of efforts being scattered or thinned out over parallel silos.

Appreciate the new look and improvement though. Keep it coming.

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Posted Sep 20, 2015 in: Introducing the Ribbon
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Posted by thepaj:
Now with the breadcrumb stuff, the ribbon is totally obsolete. I will miss the earlier behaviour, the auto-expanding/collapsing left menu, because it was fast and totally out of the way when not needed.

I just LOVE the breadcrumb bar because it clearly shows which view I am in, as well as saves clicks by allowing me to quickly and unobtrusively move swiftly from one view to another through drop-boxes rather than moving to the left of the screen each time.
I agree with you that the ribbon, although it looks elegant, becomes redundant unless the TD designers add additional functionality to it or makes it optional for users who prefer to use it instead of the bread-crumb bar.
Overall the changes are very positive. I am so relieved that Jake and Bridget are finally spending time on the Task tab, particularly since this is the core function of TD and there is still so much to be done to make it awesome.

Posted Sep 20, 2015 in: Bookmarklet Calendar bug
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I notice this too in Chrome Beta, Windows 10 PC. The "No Date" at the bottom is not visible at first but one can scroll down a bit with the mouse wheel to reveal it.

Posted Sep 18, 2015 in: New Icons
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New icons are fine.

Would like a clearer distinction between a Parent & Sub-tasks particularly when they are Inline. The organogram symbol confuses me with their filled dots and looks a bit aged and bureaucratic, for want of a better term. I currently add + in front of each of my Projects to distinguish them.
How about a big '+' sign for a Parent, and a '-' sign for sub-tasks. That would be more contemporary and intuitive.

Now may be the time to add power to the Task check-box by adding a clickable multi-select feature, instead of the time consuming New search & Multi-edit.
Normal click will mark the task as done & Crl+click, click, click would mark multiple tasks as selected for further action i.e. Multi-edit eg. delete, copy, change a field value, mark stars, etc.
Note: 'Ultimate To-do List' Android App has this great feature, and it is a productivity booster.

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Posted Sep 18, 2015 in: Introducing the Breadcrumb Bar (part 1)
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Posted by c5000nc:

It would bring up the full New Search, not the very limited Quick Search, and there is plenty of unused space on the Breadcrumb Bar.

It would be very useful to execute a New Search without having to click on the Search button on the Ribbon, then Expand the Ribbon to bring up New Search. For many of us, this Ribbon then has to be closed to see the right side scroll bar.

Much easier to have one button on the Breadcrumb Bar to conduct a New Search.

Wow, that is a wonderful idea to improve convenience and productivity! Many of us use the 'New Search' quite often -- particularly since TD does not have a clickable multi-select feature.

In fact TD should add a clickable multi-select feature..... by Crl+clicking on the check box icon. Normal click will mark the task as done & Crl+click, click, click would mark multiple tasks as selected for further action eg. delete, copy, change a field value, mark stars, etc. Note: 'Ultimate To-do List' Android App has this great feature, and it is a productivity booster.
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