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Posted Jun 07, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by tonton:
My biggest worry is single users will get ignored and shafted as so often happens.

My next biggest worry is toodledo will start further reducing functionality. It's complex because you can do so much which makes it highly flexible and customizable.

tonton, if your looking for flexibility and customizability you should check out ClickUp or Zenkit. They both offer more than Toodledo.

Posted Jun 05, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Enough is enough. I was on my way back to RTM but they aren't really progressing much.

By chance I found ClickUp,, when I was searching for and evaluating options. Honestly, even if Toodledo was to rise from the ashes I would still change to ClickUp. They are seriously developing the service, apps for everything and great customizing options.

Never seen a service with so many features and I've evaluated or tested: RTM, Todoist, Ticktick,, Wunderlist, Flow, Nozbe, Nirvana, Producteev, FacileThings, IQTell, nTask, Notion, Azana, Zenkit.

A bit sad, been using Toodledo for almost 10 years now. But I'm excited about ClickUp, feels great.

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How I'm not liking the "semi-hidden" parent of subtasks.

First, it's hard on the eyes. Not knowing where to start to read, because som tasks are indented, results in looking left to right to find where the task title begins.

Secondly, on a daily basis I don't care what about the parent task. I only want to know the "lowest level" of action is. At least give us the option to turn this functionality of (I understand it could be useful on a really small screen).

Third, in grid-view you still need a big screen otherwise the whole title of the parent won't fit.

Please, give us the option to choose, or revert. It could in some cases be nice on a small screen i multi-line view but for all other situation it's not.

Posted Sep 07, 2015 in: Toodledo for Apple Watch
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Posted by ken.michaud:
Apple Watches are shipping at a rate of ~4M units per quarter - 75% of the market.

Pebble, Sony, and all other non-Apple/Samsung smart watch manufacturers combined shipped under a million units this quarter - 17% of the market.

Please don't waste your limited energies on developing apps for products that hold a small and shrinking minority of an already tiny market (smart watches). There is far too much that still needs to be done on your core apps.

I must echo ken.michaud's request. I myself am a dedicated Pebble Time owner but you can not put resources on such a small implementation when there is a lot more work to be done with your core services.

(Added functionality and increase social interaction is one, faster task enrichment with keyboard shortcuts is another)

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