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Posted Jan 17, 2017 in: New Section: Lists
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  • PeerBr
  • Posted: Jan 17, 2017
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Hi guys, newbie on the forum, but longtime TD and GTD user.

I'm participating both in the web beta and Android beta. This is about lists. I've searched around and hope not to get burned with something that came up 100 times, but:

Bug on Android App:
- Sorting does not work consistently. I've created a shopping list with four columns (title, qtd, category, done). Sorting by done - category - title doesn't order by any apparent criterion. It seems to work only when redrawing the screen/talking to server, after switching apps.
- Sorting icons are reversed. At least to a programmer, the down arrow means "descending", so Z-A. The result is A-Z.
- The back button is implemented very inconsistently. The left arrow will bring up the side menu instead of going back, and with the side menu expanded, "back" will not close it but navigate in the underlying application layer.
- on some screens, the Android back button cancels (adding an item to a list), on others it confirms (picking a category for a list item).
- A close button on the navigation drawer would be nice, instead of just clicking somewhere outside.

Feature request:
- It would be awesome if you could duplicate lists with their contents, not just the structure.
- integration of lists and tasks, as said above, would make lists 200% more useful!