Create a smarter to-do list

With Toodledo you can create powerful to-do lists to improve your productivity. We provide you with folders, tags, contexts, subtasks and more to help organize your lists as efficiently as possible. You can sort, filter and search through your list and Toodledo can tell you what needs to be completed and alert you when tasks are due.

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Track your thoughts

Keep track of your ideas with our note editor. Write down your memories, use it as a journal, log recipes, trip notes or anything you like. You can format the notes and sort them into folders to reference in the future.

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Create multi-column lists

Create customized lists for any purpose. You can pick exactly which fields you want for each individual list. Create a packing list for your vacation, an inventory of your coin collection, or anything you can imagine.

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Organize and structure

The Outline section gives you a way to organize your ideas by breaking them down into a hierarchical structure. Use an outline to plan your next project, record your family genealogy or whatever you can think up.

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Track good behaviors

Make good habits and break bad habits with Toodledo's Habits section. Record your progress each day and see continuously updating graphs and charts. Monitor your self improvement, stay motivated and achieve your goals.

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Get more done, your way

Toodledo is a flexible and multi-functional tool that will help you improve your productivity.

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Get more done, your way

Toodledo is a flexible and multi-functional tool that will improve your productivity.

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What is Toodledo?

Toodledo is a set of incredibly powerful tools to increase your productivity and organize your life. More than just a to-do list, Toodledo provides you with a place to write long notes, make custom lists, create structured outlines and track your habits. You can collaborate with friends, family or your co-workers, and we'll safely store and sync all your data to your devices.

and that's just the beginning...

Toodledo organizes your...

  • Create and share lists with friends and family
  • See what's most important with the hotlist
  • Record your ideas with the notes section
  • Set and track life goals
  • Use the popular GTD method

Toodledo connects people and teams

Easily share tasks, outlines and lists with your collaborators. You can share individual folders, reassign tasks and track each other's progress.

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Toodledo flexes to fit

You can customize almost anything in your Toodledo settings to control what, when and how data is displayed. Easily import and export existing data from other applications, and use our powerful search tool to filter your data. We let you personalize your workspace any way you want to make you as efficient as possible.

"This web app can be used by beginners or experts because you get to choose in the Settings which features you want to use. Like it simple? Choose one or two and go for it. Like to get serious? No problem, just choose all you can handle."
- @Dave Bellamy / Toodledo User

Toodledo syncs across devices

Sync your tasks to your tablet or mobile device

Record a task on your mobile device as it comes to you. With our automatic sync it will be waiting for you on your computer or tablet. We have apps available for both Apple iOS, Android devices and other platforms.

"I'll be the first to admit that once I found Toodledo three or four years ago, I pretty much stopped looking for other task management apps."
- @Christopher Millward / Toodledo User

Alarms / Reminders

Never forget a task with Toodledo reminders. Set a customizable alarm for a task and we will remind you via email, or in our mobile apps when it is due. With location based alarms, Toodledo can even remind you when you are near a location where you have tasks to do.

Setting Alarms Location-based Reminders