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Backup To-Do is a Python script for saving all your Toodledo tasks as well as folders, contexts, goals, and locations. (No notebook support yet; email me if you want it.) If you set it to run ever day, say, you get regular incremental backups: the script only downloads changes since the last backup.

My main purpose for writing this script was to avoid losing completed events, which expire after some time in Toodledo (depending on your subscription level). The side benefit is that you back up the cloud storage, in case Toodledo has a catastrophe, or you accidentally make a change that can't be undone on the web.

Included in the source code is toodledo.py, which provides a convenient Python interface to the Toodledo API 2. Feel free to use it in your projects, subject to the MIT license. Currently it only supports getting objects, not adding, updating, or deleting objects. (Email me if you want these features. They would be easy to add.) Note that, to properly cache session keys and so on, toodledo.py uses a Berkeley database.

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Toodledo does not endorse or support this solution. We caution you to research your decision carefully. Once you have given a 3rd party tool access to your account, it can do anything that you can do, including deleting all your tasks or making them all public. Toodledo is unable to recover data that is lost due to a misbehaving 3rd party tool. We encourage all customers to backup their data periodically. You may block 3rd party apps from accessing your account if they misbehave.

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