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Toodledo is a powerful task and note manager for your Android phone and tablet. It will organize your to-do list and notes, and make you more productive. It will synchronize perfectly with, one of the most popular online task managers.

Toodledo is flexible enough to work with many different productivity styles. You can use the popular GTD methodology, or you can use your own system. You can keep things simple, or you can add as much complexity as you need. Keeping track of your to do list has never been easier.


  • Track the priority, start date, due date, time, length or status of a task.
  • Assign the task to a folder, context or goal.
  • Flag the task with a visual star or tag it with keywords and notes.
  • Get audible popup alarms.
  • Create tasks that repeat on a schedule of your choosing.
  • Search, filter, sort and drill down into your tasks in a variety of ways to see the subset of tasks that are useful right now and ensure that important tasks float to the top.
  • Quickly find important tasks with the "Hotlist". This smart to do list is automatically filled with important tasks based on a mathematical formula.
  • Organize and permanently store your longer free-form notes in the Notebook section.
  • Securely sync your todo list with for backup purposes, and to use the additional functionality available only on our website: file attachments, subtasks, sharing/collaboration, forums, etc.
  • Subscribers who use subtasks will have full access to subtasks in the app.
Toodledo Android Toodledo Android
Toodledo Android Toodledo Android

Import Tools

If you already have a bunch of tasks in another PDA or application, you can quickly import everything into Toodledo using our import tools. There is even a third party tool that will allow you to synchronize your tasks with Outlook (learn more here).

Works on most modern Android devices. Some features are only available on certain devices and OS versions.

Available on the Google Play Store

Other Options

If you don't want to download our app, our regular website will work on your device, and we also have an optimized version that will reduce the amount of zooming and panning that you need to do. Just point your mobile web browser to the following address:

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