Help / FAQ


help What is the hotlist?
help How do repeating tasks work?
help How does priority work?
help How do due dates work?
help What is the length field?
help How do I use the timer?
help What is a tag?
help What is context?
help How do I know if my changes were saved?
help How do I add a bunch of tasks?
help Why isn't my task showing up?
help How do I delete a task?
help How do I delete my account?
help What is the difference between deleting and archiving a folder?
help Can I record a time as well as a date for an event?
help How do I use the keyboard shortcuts?
help How do due date modifiers work?
help How can I set goals?
help How do I edit a task?
help What does sorting by importance do?
help How do I print my to-do list?
help Can I set a default view or tab?
help How do I use Folders, Tasks and Subtasks?
help What are goal chains?
help How do I create links or use special formatting in notes?
help Can I resize or reorder my columns?
help Why are my subtasks showing up on the same level as tasks?
help How do I use the start date field?
help How do filters work?
help How does the status field work?
help How do I use the star?
help How can I search for a particular task?
help How can I edit multiple tasks at once?
help How can I hide tasks that are due in the future?
help How can I see the date added, modified or completed?
help How do I copy, clone or duplicate a task?
help How do I create task templates?
help Where are my completed tasks?
help Can I upload and attach files to my tasks?
help Toodledo is showing the wrong time.
help Are there any limits to the amount of information that I can store?
help How do I manually reorder my tasks?
help How do you pronounce Toodledo?
help Who is Toodledo?
help How does Toodledo deal with timezones and Daylight Saving Time?
help How to I roll over tasks from yesterday to today?
help How do I add a note to a task?
help How do I view my history of completed tasks?
help I forgot/want to change my password
help Will my account be here forever?
help What is a Permanent Link?
help How do I sort my tasks?
help How do I postone, delay or roll forward a task?
help How do I open or close all the dividers in a list?
help How do I show or hide task notes?
help How do I use Two-Step authentication with external apps?

help How can I privately share my tasks with someone else?
help What are the different permissions that I can set when sharing tasks?
help Can I share only a few folders?
help Why do some fields get removed when reassigning a task?
help What do the diamonds next my folder names mean?
help How can I get notified when a collaborator does something?
Backup / Export / Import

help How can I backup my data to my computer?
help Can I Import my data from somewhere else?
help Can I export my tasks to my Palm OS PDA?
help Can I sych my tasks with my calendar?
help Can I access my Toodledo account via email?
help How do I get accented or other international characters to import?
help I get an error when importing my file.

help What web browsers are supported?
help Can I use encryption to secure my data?
help What is a Microsummary or Live Title?
help The popup calendar is being obscured by the drop down boxes.
help Can I use Toodledo on my Apple iOS device?
help I'm getting a certificate error when using files.
help How secure is my data on Toodledo?
help How do I stop Internet Explorer from popping up security warnings?
help Using the "tab" key to move to the next field sometimes skips fields.
help Nothing on Toodledo works and the web page looks scrambled.
help How do I report errors to Toodledo?
help None of the images are loading, or the website looks scrambled.
help How do I adjust the font size when printing?

help How much is an upgrade to a SIlver or Gold Subscription?
help I paid, where is my upgrade?
help What's the difference between PayPal and Pay with Credit Card?
help Can I get a refund?
help What happens when my Subscription expires?
help I paid, but I need a receipt or invoice.
help How can I pay directly with a credit card?
help Can I downgrade from Gold to Silver?
help Can I purchase a subscription for someone else?
help Can I purchase multiple subscriptions in one order?
Widgets / Connections

help Does Toodledo work with Google Calendar?
help Why isn't my bookmarklet/gadget/widget working?
help How can I access my list from my mobile phone?
help How do I use the Google Gadgets with my Google Apps?
help Can I publish my tasks as an RSS feed?
help Can I access my tasks via IM?
help Can I use Twitter to access my account?
help I get an error when trying to sync tasks with an external Calendar.
help How do I import my tasks into Apple's Calendar app?
help How do dates and times sync to a calendar using iCal?
help How do I sync Outlook to my iOS device?

help Certain fields are missing on the iOS app.
help How do I set default values in the iOS app?
help The iOS app has gotten out of sync with the website.
help The iOS app is crashing or functioning poorly.
help How do reminders/alarms work on iOS?
help Why don't the number of tasks on the iOS app match the website?
help How do I get tasks onto my iOS Calendar?
help How do I sync the iOS device with the website?
help How do I search for a task or note on iOS?
help How do I delete a task or note in the iOS app?
help I purchased the iOS app, but it is not on my device.
help How do I filter and sort tasks on iOS?
help Can I use Siri to add a task by voice?
help How does Toodledo work the the iOS Notification Center?
help How do I collaborate with the iOS app?

help How do I delete an outline?

help How do I import an Excel file into Lists?
Alarms / Reminders

help How do the email alarms or reminders work?
help Can I get reminders or alarms for tasks that are due soon?
help How do I stop getting text message/sms alarms?
help How does a webhook or URL alarm work?
help How do browser alarms work?

help How do I enable some missing fields?

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