A bookmarklet is a special type of bookmark that you can put in your bookmark toolbar. It will allow you to quickly add a task from any webpage that you happen to be on. Think of it as a lightweight plugin for quickly accessing Toodledo.


To install, simply drag the link below into your bookmark toolbar. You can rename it to something different if you want.

Toodledo Bookmarklet ← Drag this link into your bookmark toolbar.


To use the bookmarklet, click on it in your bookmark toolbar. It will pop down a small window where you can quickly add a new task. The URL of the page you were on will be automatically placed into the note field as a quick reference back to the page you wanted to remember.

bookmarklet usage

To view your tasks from anywhere, click on the "View Tasks" button on the right side of the pop down window. This will open up our mobile website in a small window for you to manage your tasks.