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"TaskPortPro" is "doing now " application management.
Unlike ToDo management ever, "I do" rather than "doing really, " offers the ability to concentrate.

The theme of this app is "how far you can focus on what you are doing now" means.

That was until now tend ToDo management

* You want to get the full.
* hard to put the estimated cost or how much time.
* lead to poor concentration and lost time at the request of the outside.

ToDo list in conjunction with, but once you solve these problems, "TaskPortPro" it.

"TaskPortPro" the tasks on hand, "What is it How long it takes. ""I really do end in" 3 + are supported in the following step.

1. myself "to complete the task today, " gathered to display the list.

2. estimate how long it takes to do those tasks are to review the overall task of the day again.

3. The real task. Concentrate on running the selected task is complete.

4. Looking back on task execution. The result is possible to send mail.


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