Google Gadgets

Google Gmail Gadget

If you use Google's Gmail, our Gmail Gadget will be helpful. Once you install the Toodledo Gmail Gadget you'll be able to view, edit and add tasks directly from within your email.

To install follow these directions.

  1. Go into your Gmail Settings page.
  2. Click on "Labs".
  3. Find the "Add any gadget by URL" lab feature and enable it by clicking the radio button and then clicking the "Save Changes" button.
  4. When the page reloads, go back to your Gmail Settings page.
  5. Click on "Gadgets".
  6. Type in "" and click the "Add" button.

If you are having trouble getting the gadget to keep you signed in, please read this Help Topic about Cookies.

Google Calendar Sidebar Gadget

If you use Google Calendar you can put Toodledo in your sidebar, which will allow for quick access to your to-do list. To install simply click the button below.

Add to Google Calendar
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