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Progress Report - March 2015
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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 01, 2015
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Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Removed jump when editing habits title
+ Re-styled consistent back button navigation in features
+ Created new back / forward calendar picker buttons
+ Redesigned modals and prompts to be completely responsive across home page and habits
+ Finalized Outlines redesign plans and schedule
+ Began implementing new responsive layout to Outlines
+ Updated Habits responsive layout to contain filter bar
+ Began conducting user research
+ Began concepting keyboard shortcut guide
+ Reviewed and monitored iOS Phase 1 Redesign progress
+ Finalized Android Phase 2 Redesign plans
+ Reviewed and monitored Android Phase 2 Redesign progress
+ Began concepting for Lists redesign
+ Began concepting for mobile Lists implementation for mobile browsers and applications
+ Upgraded Toodledo's main database servers
+ Working on allowing emoji and other characters to work in tasks/notes/etc
+ Upgrading Toodledo's web server for outlines, lists, habits and the API.
+ Improved Toodledo's SSL security
+ Added support for importing tasks from Google Tasks
+ Worked on Lists for iOS/Android/Mobile
+ Improved sorting in Lists
+ Investigated and began solving problem where some actions on Toodledo would fail due to faulty networking device
+ Fixed a bug where IFTTT actions were not getting the list of folder names correctly
+ Improved load time of our homepage and other pages on Toodledo
+ Fixed bug where incorrect account status was displayed when viewing a collaborator's workspace
+ Worked on redesign of subscription page
+ Began work on redesign of Notes section
+ Fixed printing of Outlines

+ Hide priority indicator if priority field hidden
+ Fixed bug where changing the fields used wasn't updating the drawer
+ Fixed bug where location based alerts were not taking filters into account
+ Allow Toodledo app to be installed on devices without location/GPS support
+ Better detect when the device is offline and don't warn about failed sync
+ Edit due-date and start-date now have consistent UI
+ Fixed bug where unused tags were still visible sometimes
+ Fixed bug where date picker was no longer a calendar on some devices
+ Implemented in-place editing for task title.
+ Implemented in-place editing for task notes. Added support for embedded links.
+ Implementing task note expansion/collapse.
+ Adding support for HTML.
+ Adding mini icons to task details screen.
+ More gracefully handle errors during sync
+ Implemented task detail row coloring based on fields/functions used.
+ Implemented in-place edit for task tags.
+ Started to work on Notebook list and detail edit redesign.

+ Fixed bug where sync on quit wasn't working
+ Final testing of Apple Watch app
+ Significant progress on redesign of app
M. Brouwer

Posted: Apr 01, 2015
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Just would like to give you guys a big hand! Not only for all the stuff you are working on, but also for the proactive and transparent way you keep us up to speed. Let's just say there are others out there on the market who haven't figured out how to stay connected to their user base. Keep it up!
Geoff Peters

Posted: Apr 01, 2015
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thank you for the update!

One thing I would like to request, in the Android app would there be a way to preserve the scroll location, so that it doesn't have to scroll always back to the top when an item is edited? It's very annoying to have to keep scrolling down to where I was, when going through my task list.

Posted: Apr 02, 2015
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i would like to know how can I import the tasks from google tasks

Posted: Apr 02, 2015
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Posted by Jake:
Worked on Lists for iOS/Android/Mobile

This greatly interests me, use the List by Android.
You improvement will be available this month for android phones?
How it works, I'm new in Toodledo.

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 02, 2015
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To import tasks via Google Tasks, go to our Tools section. Then Import. Then JSON import.

Posted: Apr 03, 2015
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Anxiously waiting to to see more developments/features in the -TASKS section- for which I am primarily using Toodledo. I have not seen any major improvement in TASKS features for quite some time (referring to your Monthly progress reports).

Maybe this accounts for the fact that TD does not feature in the top 5 To-Do Web/Apps in most reviews. For all its potential to be an excellent Task Manager TD is falling behind in evaluation as a User Friendly, Powerful and Elegant Task Manager solution. I really appreciate the long awaited improvement in design, but features need to be improved too.

Sorry to say this, but in a race of horses, it is becoming a bit of a camel. No offence meant to my favorite Task Manager, only my anguish to see further development of the TASKS section, for which many have given suggestions over the years. :)

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Posted: Apr 05, 2015
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I for one focus on functionality and the tools available. Toodledo is at the top of that heap. I have used other task managers that are prettier but that is it. Not close to the user level functionality of toodledo.

I am encouraged by seeing the note section redesign. I really hope WYSIWYG editor and tags are high on that list. I am also encouraged to see upgrades to the API. I firmly believe that more integration's will help boost your sales.

Keep up the good work!
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