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Posted: Sep 07, 2016
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Posted by Christoph Dollis:
Posted by e20.09g:
It's disappointing that Toodledo app on Android doesn't support saved searches.
Toodledo does saved searches EXTRAORDINARILY well on the web app and iOS app both. It is indeed regrettable that Saved Searches are not also on the widely used Android app! If that could be added, it would further add to the appeal and usability of Toodledo a lot, in my opinion.

I switched over to Android mostly so I don't have to drop a grand or so anytime I lose my phone or it gets damaged. I'm sure a lot of people must use Toodledo on Android, and MORE people would use it on Android if Saved Searches were there!

I.e., more revenue for Toodledo ... and happiness amongst its expanded subscriber base.

If it's missing functionality and suffers from bugs, no wonder people don't use it.

And this data alone means that Toodledo could appeal to way more people with a fully-functional Android app. Android continues to kill in market share vs iOS, and the latest data suggests this trend is getting stronger in 2016. ng

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Posted: Oct 08, 2016
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Still waiting for saved searches on Android.

Posted: Oct 10, 2016
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Interface isn't the most 'material', but still great for complex search equivalent to saved searches and widgets:

Their views (complex search/filters) don't sync with toodledo's saved searches, but have the same level of power, which fits my need.
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