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Progress Report - May 2015
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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 03, 2015
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Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Finishing responsive redesign of Lists section
+ Finishing responsive redesign of Outlines section
+ Migrated data for Lists/Outlines to a new upgraded database
+ Fixed a bug that prevented some people from deleting their Toodledo account
+ Made Dialog boxes and Notice popups consistently across all 5 Toodledo sections.
+ Fixed a bug with outlines where you could not delete a note
+ Upgraded all of our web servers to new faster servers
+ When an email we send bounces back as undeliverable, we do a better job now of removing that email address from future emails
+ Fixed some small issues with our "email import" feature
+ Better caching of data to make website load faster
+ Improved some of our internal development tools
+ Fixed a temporary bug with the "Account Activity" section of Toodledo recording the wrong IP address for logins
+ Added a page to the Organize section to more easily manage tags
+ Mitigated the "venom" security vulnerability
+ Improved our SSL grade to A
+ Fixed our Facebook integration tool
+ Fixed API rate limits for apps using older versions of our API
+ Increased limit on tag field from 64 to 250 characters
+ Increased limit on tags displayed in the sidebar from 50 to 100
+ Made improvements to our nightly maintenance tasks
+ Redesigned Tag and List cell editors for the Lists section
+ Fixing an issue we had with Google not putting some of our pages in it's search results
+ Cleaned up the Habits section with some small visual tweaks to make it consistent with our other sections
+ Made good progress on designing a new Logo for Toodledo and improving our brand.
+ Conducted user tests on illustrative and logo
+ Defined new brand strategy & visual identity
+ Created illustrations for organize pages
+ Created illustrations for lists and outlines

+ Finished phase 2 of the Material redesign of the app
+ Finishing Lists section
+ Finishing redesign of Outlines section
+ Fixed issue where task and notebook notes are not synced correctly when edited in the web site and viewed in the device simultaneously

+ Finishing Lists section
+ Finishing redesign of Outlines section
+ Visual improvements to our Apple Watch app
+ Investigated the possibility to add a task via Apple Watch

(some of the items mentioned above have not been released yet)

Posted: Jun 04, 2015
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Thanks Jake for the enormous work and constant updating done to TD! The TD Android App is also shaping up well (though I will only consider it once it has Custom Views).

JUNE onward can we have some action in TD Tasks tab? TD can kick other To-Do Lists / Task Managers out of the park if we have :

1. Manual sorting (which automatically promotes/demotes the priority of a task based on swiping or some other quick action).
2. Populating Tasks (with start/due dates) on a monthly calendar with easy date shifting (internal or on Google calendar).
3. More flexible multi-tagging and their search and sorting.
4. Better workflow visualization of Goals > Projects > Habits > Tasks > Sub-tasks.
5. Color coding and functional visual aesthetics.
6. Persistent notification and easy variable snoozing options in both Android and Website.

I know this is a long task list, but a solid start would encourage us Task Masters :)
Hunington Sachs

Posted: Jun 09, 2015
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A complete visual overhaul is needed. I love ToodleDo, but it still looks like it just stepped out of 1995. Hint: Engineers are not good Designers.

Posted: Jun 09, 2015
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Sign up for the beta. They're already working on it

Posted: Jun 27, 2015
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Is there a link to the beta testing? Can't find it any where.

Any updates for when a nicer interface is coming out? Personally your interface is butt ugly and a huge overhaul is long overdue. That is the big reason I don't use Toodledo. I just can't stand the interface. I'm sure it looked amazing in the early 90s. But toodledo does offer good features. But some new users might assume that Toodledo is crap when they have one look at the aged early 90s interface. Maybe even late 80s. Jeez get to the update already.

Posted: Jun 29, 2015
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I, and I am sure other TD fans/subscribers, would appreciate a 'quick and dirty' list of the Major Improvements and New Features added to the 'Task Manager tab' in TD over the last year.

I am under the (probably mistaken) impression that there have been no significant enhancements done to this 'Task Manager' area of TD. Help me remove this misconception or assure me that this will be meaningfully addressed in the current year.

I need to know because I subscribe to TD primarily for this robust and customizable task management service. My considered choice and loyalty to TD as a customer and advocate is constantly teased by other Task management services that are constantly adding new task management features, functional design elements and improved integration with other systems in my worklife .

I do value TD and wish it well.

This message was edited Jun 29, 2015.

Posted: Jul 02, 2015
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Looking forward to some TLC directed toward Tasks at long last .....
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