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Android App Updates 6.5 through 6.6.7
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Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 24, 2018
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For the last few several releases of our Android app, Ive forgotten to post an announcement here with the changes, so Im going to catch up with this post regarding today's release and I'll try to be better about posting an announcement here in the future when a new release is available.

6.6.7 (released today, full rollout may take a few days)
+ General bug fixes

+ Links in notes will now be clickable
+ For people with many tags and contexts, the “show” menu will now load faster
+ Fixed some crashes

+ Fixed some crashes

+ Joint task collaboration has been added. You can now fully share tasks with your collaborators.
+ Fixed some potential crashes

+ Archived goals will now be hidden.
+ The badge for a saved search that includes completed tasks will be correct now.
+ Fixed a few rare cases where the app could crash

+ Fixes Alarms with Android 8.0

+ Fixes bug with opening a task from a notification.
+ Fixes bug with saved searches that have a “time is after 3pm” type rule

+ Dividers in your list will now show the number of tasks in each group
+ If you format your notes with HTML, they will now be displayed correctly.
+ Fixes a bug with the scroll position of a list when you return to that list.
+ Fixes some small bugs with stability and saved searches
+ Subtasks will now be displayed inside the parent task
+ Reassigning tasks to collaborators is now possible
+ Widget allows more sort options
+ Archived Goals are now hidden

+ Dividers in your list can now be tapped to collapse/expand
+ Fixed a few small bugs

+ Search will now search in the task note as well as the title
+ Fixed a small bug with syncing Habits, Lists and Outlines

+ Fixes a bug with the notebook section on tablet

+ For Android 7.1, added App Shortcut (tap and hold)
+ Added a nicer Tag picker
+ Fixed bug with repeating tasks skipping 2 days
+ Fixed bug with hotlist and certain timezone
+ Dividers display with proper capitalization and hand long titles properly
+ Added option to force syncing from app to website
+ Improved how links are handled inside a task’s note

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Posted: May 29, 2018
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Great improvements, thanks. I would like to have offline lists. Example, I'm at a supermarket and consulting a list, but everytime I open the same list to check off an item is like the app is downloading the list again.

Posted: May 29, 2018
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Posted by erik.kohler:
everytime I open the same list to check off an item is like the app is downloading the list again.

Requested long time ago, it's probably still on the todo list, please refer for example here: ines.html
pan Piotruś

Posted: Jun 18, 2018
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Andoid app still refuses to sync context, tags and folders. All tasks are STRIPPED from this data.
Full app reinstall, clearing cache and app data, full resync dosn't help. No sync is made in context, tags and folders.
When task is exported externally, those fields are EMPTY.
Please make your app work correctly!

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 18, 2018
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@pan piotrus: I was unable to reproduce this error. Can you please create a support ticket so we can investigate further with your account?
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