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Posted: Apr 06, 2011
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What does the iPhone and/or iPad Toodledo App give you that you don't get through the "slim" mobile version of the website? I realize it gives you offline access, but I mean in terms of the user interface?

In particular, does it give you a view that indents subtasks beneath the parent task, with the option to collapse or expand the subtasks into the parent? The main website does this but the slim mobile version doesn't seem to.


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Apr 06, 2011
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The iPhone has lots of advantages over the slim site. I'll list a few:

1) Offline access
2) Enhanced sorting
3) Enhanced filtering
4) Notebook support
5) Alarms
6) Searching

Neither support collapsing/expanding of subtasks in a list, but this is on our to-do list.

Posted: Apr 07, 2011
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Thanks for the response. I purchased the app based on this recommendation, but it's completely unworkable for me. I'm not really worried about the three bucks, but in fairness to anyone else who might read this thread, be aware that the app is not only not capable of collapsing/expanding subtasks in a list -- it is not even capable of displaying subtasks in the list underneath their parent task. The only options are hiding the subtasks from view altogether, or else mixing them all together more or less at random with every other parent and subtask that sits in the same folder.

No doubt this is on the developer's to-do list, but it's a gaping hole at present.
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