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Need feedback on future sharing functionality
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Posted: Apr 20, 2011
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Currently, task sharing is limited to viewing other people's lists. In other words, a task must have a single owner. It is not currently possible to create a task that appears on multiple people's personal lists. This is one of our top requests, and has been for some time.

One of our biggest barriers to implementation has been not knowing how to handle folders, contexts, goals and locations. We have come up with a number of mutually exclusive solutions and would like to hear people's feedback on the direction they would like to see implemented. We don't normally do this, but we have been blocked on this for awhile and thought that people may have some other ideas.

I'll explain the problems with a few examples.

Problem 1
You and I have a shared folder. Every task in this folder appears on both of our lists. What happens when I edit a task and change the folder?

a) You cannot change the folder.
b) You can only change the folder to another folder that is mutually shared with me.
c) You can change the folder to one of your personal folders. It will no longer appear in the shared folder and I will no longer see the task.

Problem 2
You and I have a shared folder. Every task in this folder appears on both of our lists. What happens when I edit a task and change the context?

a) Shared tasks cannot have a context.
b) You and I can each set our own private context for the same task. I cannot see your context and you cannot see my context, but otherwise the tasks are the same.
c) You cannot change the context. It is locked to the name of the context set by the creator.
d) You can change the context, but if I don't have that context in my context list, it will be created for me. I will now have your context.
e) You can change the context to any of your contexts and I will see your context name appear on the task, but the context will not be added to my account. Because the context is not in my account, I will not be able to go into the context view and see a tab for that context, nor will I be able to search for the task via that context, nor will I be able to filter tasks by that context.
f) Each shared folder can have it's own distinct collection of contexts that are only used for that shared folder. You can freely edit the context to be any of these common contexts. When you go to the context view, all of your contexts as well as all of the contexts for all of your shared folders will appear as tabs across the top of the page. An attempt will be made to coalesce contexts with common names. Same goes for searching or filtering on context.
g) You can change the context but only to another context that I also have.

Keep in mind that a decision on Problem 1 may affect Problem 2. For example, Problem 1 solution c would cause complications for Problem 2 solution e.

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Posted: Apr 21, 2011
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Let me tell you my opinion on what should be the case, without considering what is 'easily implementable'.

1). You should clearly divide all the attributes a task can have into 'shareable' and non-sharable category. What context I put on my task is nobody else's business. So my Context is always private. On the other hand, I can share the 'Goal' with a co-worker. A folder can be and is shareable, due date, start date, length of task, priority, status - are certainly shareable. Ideally, it should be user-defined in 'Sharing Settings' : where users can probably drag and drop task attributes from one column(shared) to the other(private), depending upon their choice. Both the columns would have reasonable default values.

2). All the shared attributes can be changed by the other person, and private of course cannot even be seen by the other, and can have our own private values(like Context)

3). There would be a notation of 'Creator' v/s sharer in the database. Folder can only be changed by the creator - it is ALWAYS his privilege to keep it shared or non-shared, or shared in his choice of folder. The other person can only accept the sharing or reject it.

So the problem 1's solution is (a) : If you created the task and folder and shared with me, I cannot change it. But I can change the other shared attributes of the task.

Solution of problem 2 is clearly (b).

4). I note that with current implementation I can see a lot of your task properties which I should not be able to. Hope they will get covered with these changes.

5). I should be able to share ONLY one folder if I want to, rather than sharing everything and *then* making remaining ones 'Private'. I personally don't mind creating a new folder for sharing with each new person.

These are only my views, and are open to ridicule.
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