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2Do and Todo on the iphone .. checklists?
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Posted: Jun 14, 2011
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Hello all,

I'm loving getting started with Toodledo and my preferred iphone app so far is Toodledo's own.

2Do and ToDo have some nice features though. Multiple add, Linking a call to your address book and a nice view of Completed items are my favourites. I'm also interested in the different task types and how Toodledo handles them.

2Do lets you add an item as 'ToDo', 'Project' or 'Checklist'
ToDo lets you add an item as 'normal', 'project' or 'checklist'

Are these just subtasks, tasks, and tasks with subtasks?

Toodledo seems to think that's what they are, but if I go back into these other apps, checklisted items appear different to tasks with sub-tasks (whereas in Toodledo, that's all they look like).

I don't want to break anything but using something I shouldn't. How can things look like a checklist of items (differing from sub-tasks) in 2Do and ToDo when the information is stored on Toodledo and that doesn't seem to support that the feature?


Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 15, 2011
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Toodledo only has subtasks. Some 3rd party apps have checklists which they attempt to sync as subtasks to Toodledo, but depending on your needs, this may not be a perfect translation. People in these forums may comment on how it works for them, and you can contact the companies that make those 3rd party apps for questions you may have about their particular app.
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