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adding multiple tasks online - with varying tags,contexts,etc
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Linda M

Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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Has the feature to add multiple tasks via email (with special syntax) been added yet? I.e. each non-blank line in the message body = 1 new task.

It's nice to have ability to create a task via email, but much too cumbersome to add a volume of 40+ tasks all at once - one per email? No way I'm creating and sending that many emails.

I noticed I can create multiple tasks all at once in a box in the web UI. But my 40+ tasks didn't have all the same tags, contexts, locations, priorities. Does this box allow each line to have different due dates, projects, tags, etc via the same special syntax in the email subject line?

I can create and edit spreadsheets on my computer - so I think I can add a larger volume of tasks via csv file that I type up into a spreadsheet... But I was hoping for a web ui so that I could do this without having to be at my own computer.


Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jul 26, 2011
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The only way to add 40+ tasks at once, all with different tags/contexts/etc, is to use the CSV import option.

But, if you are going to type out 40 tasks into an excel spreadsheet one by one and then import, its probably just as easy to type them one by one into Toodledo.
Linda M

Posted: Jul 27, 2011
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Doubt it is as fast to fill in and submit the form ~40 times than it would be to fill in 40 lines on a csv spreadsheet and upload it.

Next time I have more than ~5 tasks I'm adding all at once, I'll go the CSV route - assuming I have access to my spreadsheet editor. If I'm at someone else's computer or using my mobile, then it isn't so easy or fast...
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