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Folke X

Posted: Jul 27, 2011
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Toodledo is a powerful tool, with a myriad built-in views to choose from. On top of that the user can define yet another myriad of views (aka saved Searches). This is all great. Please never limit this flexibility

Yet it is probably a fact that the individual user uses only a very small number of all these views on a regular basis. The rest of all the built-in views and saved searches are used only occasionally (such as for tracing tasks that seem to have gone missing).

At this point in time, when so much work and discussion is going into the new UI, I think it is worthwile to bring up and consider some possible space-saving as regards all the views also, especially if this can help alleviate the problem some users are experiencing with the size (width) of the navigation.

Save space and make navigation between frequently used views even quicker

I think it would be possible to limit the always-visible choices of views to the following:

- a small number (say 5) of user-determined favorite views. For new users, this selection of views would be preconfigured by Toodledo (the views deemed to be most useful to a typical new user), but the user can replace these later with other built-in view or custom searches.

- a catch-all "All views" option, which would bring up the whole myriad of available views maybe on one full page, both the built-in ones and all the user defined searches. This does not need to be very slick or space-conserving, as it will only be used occasionally either to select an unusual view or to change the choice of favorites.

Where should this go?

Well, one very good possibility is to put it straight into the top navigation in the new UI. Instead of the current Tasks tab there would be the, say, 5 + 1 new tabs. If there is not enough room there, the font size could be reduced a bit, and if this still does not help, some of the other tabs could be merged (say, into a Tools tab that comprises Organize, Tools, Forum and Help)

Suggestion for pregonfigured selection of favorite views

I get the impression, from the current setup that Toodledo has, and from what I read in the forums, that the following initial setup might be appropriate:

- Main view (the one that is organized by Importance level, which is a compound of different data fields)
- Hotlist, a filtered list using a comnpund of data fields
- Starred, which actually is just a "quick filter" of one of all the data fields (the Starred field)
- All tasks by Folder, which I imagine is one of the more frequently used views for somebody who comes in fresh from using some other system
- Calendar view, which is actually a niftly filtered list based on a range of Due dates picked by simply clicking a calendar
- maybe room for a couple more favorite views?
- and then, finally "All Views" which opens up the whole plethora of choices of out-of-the-box views and saved searches, and which lets the user select a view to show immediately or a set of views to have a favorites from now on.

Don't forget

In addition to the views as such, Toodledo has very powerful tools for sorting the lists (the views) according to any of the data fields, and to select any one of the resulting sections of the list, and it now also has quick filtering in the new UI's Show menu. All this gives enormous flexinility in itself, and many of the prefedfined views strictly speaking are not really necessary at all.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jul 27, 2011
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Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.
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