ForumsQuestionsPlease, there is any desktop app for toodledo?????

Please, there is any desktop app for toodledo?????
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Posted: Jan 13, 2009
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I really love toodledo and the iphone app (in moving from iGTD - a wonderful and freebie app :-)))), but i work all day outside without a internet connection. There is a desktop app for toodledo o and API to sync with iGTD. I´m mac user.

Thanks guys
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Posted: Jan 13, 2009
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In short "No". There are some programs that can simulate a desktop environment like Google Gears.

Apparently, there is a very good program for the iPhone. I wouldn't know because I use a Blackberry. The slim of the Toodledo site works very well on the T-Mobile G1 (Android OS) as well.

I hope that helps.

Posted: Jan 14, 2009
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would really LOOOOVE to get something off-line, syncing w/ another service for an Os-X desktop app, much like ToDo remains my iPhone side-sync-update tool (sorry todoodledo).

Posted: Jan 15, 2009
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I am a bit confused. Are you saying you work outside with an iPhone and a non-networked laptop, and you wish to sync changes to your non-networked laptop from your iPhone?

If you have the iPhone app, you can already work offline without an internet connection.

Posted: May 08, 2009
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I would like to be able to sinc directly between toodledo on my iPhone and a to do list on my desktop. I've tried syncing with Outlook but don't really like Outlook's task list function. Is there a verstion of toodledo for a desktop that doesn't require an internet connection?

Posted: May 08, 2009
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Not yet, but it is a highly requested item, and I've got to think some ingenious programmer somewhere is working on it. There are several options if you have internet access, but nothing for the pc that is truly offline yet, except Outlook with the sync tool. I wish someone would make a Thunderbird sync tool, but I would settle for any sort of offline client.

Edit: I just read your post more closely. The problem with direct desktop sync is that Apple doesn't allow 3rd party apps access to the built in calendar database that syncs through itunes, and of course there is no built in syncing task database. I know that WebIS is working on a solution for syncing Pocket Informant directly to the desktop, but I believe it will still require Wifi. I don't know how far off that is either, but they say they are working on it. Also, and again I'm not sure, but I don't know if they will allow both desktop and over the air sync. So then you wouldn't be able to sync straight to Toodledo anymore. I hope that isn't the case, but it kind of sounds that way. If you are interested check out their forums:

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