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Folke X

Posted: Aug 31, 2011
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Even though we like Toodledo very much, there are things we would like to have on top of that. And these things take time and money to develop. When reading the forum it becomes obvious that we all often look for very different things.

I suggest that Pro functions be implemented according to certain groups of functionality, such that the entry price remains pretty much unchanged (say $15 like today), but the total price increases for users who want to have full access to all the various kinds of new functionality. (There should be a discount structure, though, such that those who subscribe to many different Pro packages gradually get a lower price per package.)

Remember, the reason I am suggesting this is because I understand that Toodledo needs income to live and to develop, and if we all get something we want in return, then I do not see why we should not be willing to contribute to sustaining a faster rate of development of the specific types of functionality that each one of us personally feels that he or she wants.

Here are some tentative suggestions for such packages, in general at $15 each, but cheaper and cheaper the more of them you buy:

Free service
More or less as it is today, with some sporadic develepment at the rate it has been going over the past few years.

Pro Classic
Essentially the current Pro package - a mixed package with certain small enhancements to the free version.

Pro Sharing
There are many requests for advanced sharing and collaboration features, assignment of responsibilities, checking off the tasks of others etc, and probably this functionality can be taken to higher and higher levels.

Pro Projects
Similarly, there are many requests for advanced project management functionality, such as keeping track of hours for each worker, critical path, parallel and sequential tasks, automatic scheduling of next tasks, sub-projects and multi-level subtasks etc etc.

Pro Views (Pro "Search and Display")
This is the kinds of stuff that almost all of my own suggestions are about - ways to customize even more powerful selections, dashboard multi-seraches with customized dividers, multilevel logical search definitions, highlighting of list items based on different kinds of criteria - anything that makes it possible to select and see better exactly the things you want to be able to see.

Pro Sync
There are soooo many kinds of apps and devices out there .....

Pro Capacity
Probably the current Plus package, making it possible to store more info than the other packages permit.

Well, those were just a few possibilities. Obviously, there would have to be some degree of overlap between the packages (some functions can serve more than one purpose), which is one of the strong reasons why there needs to be a discount structure in place for those who buy more packages.

... and one more thing: Limited Free Sharing?
Sharing is an excellent way to get new users to try Toodledo - if it is free to try. If there is a way to limit the "power" of this free sharing, while still making it meaningful to use at least for small and simple things, it could become both a useful new feature for the existing free community (say, for family use) as well as a very powerful promotion mechanism. In this way, I believe it would be possible to get entirely new users to sign up, some of which may choose to become Pro users, but even if they do not, they may continue to invite others. There would be limited functionality, true, but no costs or time limits creeping up on them, so Toodledo might become something they (we all!!) could make a habit of promoting perpetually in this way. (Maybe the limit could be a certain total number of tasks shared? And/or a limit for shared tasks for each collaborator? And/or max collaborators? And(or certain advanced features blocked? Something like that.)

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Aug 31, 2011
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Thanks for the feedback and ideas.
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