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Shouldn't Unlimited retention be part of Pro, not just Pro Plus?
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Posted: Sep 10, 2011
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I'm finally about to take the leap into Pro with my girlfriend, but we both count on easy access to what we've done in the past, when, how, etc. Paying ~$15/yr seems roughly reasonable and I like the service.

HOWEVER, tasks without files have very little data so I know as an Tech professional there would be little database cost in letting all Pro users have unlimited retention so having this as part of the ~$15/yr Pro service seems a reasonable request.

But what about cluttering our synching you say? This could very simply be remedied by having an 'achieved' attribute so they could be searched on the site, but not synched. Optionally, having a new setting for 'sync last X months/years of completed tasks' would be perhaps more simple to implement & perhaps a better user experience. This would be in addition to the Retention setting and would be very easy to differentiate.

Use cases:
+ What were the details I typed in the task when I got the Engineering inspection for my house before purchasing it? (usually >2 yrs ago)
+ I want to remind myself what tasks/sub-tasks I did last time I did X (hosted an open house, bought a house, bought a car, refinanced my house, etc.) >2 yrs ago.
+ etc.

What do you think guys? We probably wouldn't use the files and $15-->$30 / yr x2 seems like too much just to keep the small amount of task data for a few extra years. I really hope that you'll see this as reasonable:
+ extend the retention period immediately to Pro users (since the additional data costs are close to free for you and very valuable to users). You already have this capability for Pro Plus users so I'd imagine it would be a quick config change.
+ implement the "Sync completed tasks for .." setting or something comparable later when you have a chance so syncing stays swift for Pro & Pro Plus users.

Thanks for all your good work and I look forward to your thoughts and action,

Posted: Sep 11, 2011
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An upgrade to plus is an extra 1.25 a month per person / or you know - approx 4 cents more per day!

Is that really an unreasonable amount to pay for a service which you obviously rely on. I mean, if you do that it's like 8 cents a day per person. Do you get 8 cents of benefit from using Toodledo and having the full retention?

I don't know if you bill hourly but in the time you took to write this, you likely could have done something to pay the difference. Each time you have the easy access / retention it pays for itself and more.

Seriously, there isn't another service approaching this level of usefulness that is nearly as affordable as Toodledo. The $15 they charge now is criminally low. If there wasn't a $15 plan would you even flinch at the cost of the Plus?


Posted: Sep 11, 2011
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I can't say here what I think, Andreas, so I'll just suggest POLITELY, that you pony up the other $15 and pay the outrageous $30/yr for a service that undoubtedly saved you many times that just by keeping track of the construction of your house!

Sorry, but my tongue is bleeding (I guess, since I'm typing this, it should be my fingertips that are bleeding, but either way...) I need to go do something else before I start to tell Andreas...


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 12, 2011
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If you don't want to upgrade to Pro Plus, you can export your completed tasks to your computer to save forever. We have a variety of export and backup options.

It should also note that while the actual size of data may be insignificant for an individual user, when you multiple by the number of users we have, it does become significant. Also, if you have 5 years worth of completed tasks in Toodledo it will make searching and displaying your lists a little slower, so there are other reasons for keeping your history "lean".
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