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Jason Bushell

Posted: Sep 14, 2011
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Is there anyway to get them to appear in subsequent days, even if they are not completed for the current day?

For example, I have a daily task that only shows up on the next day it needs to be done.

When printing off a list of things that need doing dor the next 7 days, those tasks don;t show up.

Posted: Sep 14, 2011
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Unfortunately, Toodledo will not do what you want.
Only one instance of a repeating will show up.

There's a possible solution but I think that it will be too difficult to implement and maintain, especially if you have several repeating tasks that you want to view in your weekly list. Instead of a daily task, you could create several weekly tasks, eg. one that repeats on Monday, the next on Tuesday, etc. Then you could view multiple tasks in the future but they would, in essence, be the same task on a different day. I'm not suggesting that this will work for you but it is one option.
Jason Bushell

Posted: Sep 15, 2011
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I don't think it needs to be done behind the scenes in the database.

It could be something done in code, in the display view.

So TD wouldnt have to create multiple tasks, and show them, it would just show them as being there in theory.

i.e If I have 1 daily task today, show it in subsequent days.

Its no biggy, but I see other TD-Lists doing it (RTM), and thought how cool it would be if Toodledo could do that.

I regularly print-off my planner to take into meetings, and its difficult having to explain that everything I have to do today, I also have to do over the next 5 days, as well as the rest of the stuff that is in there too.
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