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Separate Daily Work Tasks on iPhone?
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Posted: Jan 31, 2009
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I feel like there are a number of ways to do this, and I'm just missing something. I work from 6pm-2am a few nights a week, and every night there is the same list of things to get done. I would love to create a sorted list and check it off each night on my iPod, but I want to keep it separate from my Hotlist. I've run into a few issues.

First, to keep it off my Hotlist, I can't use due dates. If I do, I'm forced to either filter by -1 priority or set it to Reference status, and hide either one of those categories. Ideally, I'd prefer to not have to hide these, as I'm using them for other things at the moment. I tried clearing the dates entirely and using Daily repeat, but it seems to automatically assign a due date after the first check off. The other issue with daily repeats is that all of the completed items reappear at midnight with 2 hours still left to go.

I've considered setting no repeat and no due date, and after getting home from work simply unchecking them all, but this also feels like unnecessary wasted time (though, is there some sort of script I could run through firefox that would do this automatically, or is Search->Multiline edit the best bet?). This is where I'm stuck at the moment, since it skirts the 'New Day at Midnight' issue, as well as keeping the items safely within their own folder or context and not my Hotlist.

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Posted: Feb 02, 2009
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Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to do what you are suggesting. In order for a task to be repeating, it has to have a due-date, and that will make it appear on the hotlist. Maybe you could type the checklist into the note section of a single task.

Posted: Feb 12, 2009
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Here's a partial solution which requires a Pro subscription:

Read here: in the section titled "Repeating tasks with subtasks".

What if you did the following:
- made a task titled "Daily Work Routine", with due date tomorrow, due time 2 am (optional if you use this field), repeating every 1 days from completion date (not from due date)
- made subtasks for each of your work activities, each repeating "with parent"

Then each night you could check off the subtasks as you go. When you clock out, check off the parent task of "Work Routine". It will automatically recreate the parent task and all the subtasks for the next day. The parent task and new tasks will not reappear until you check off the parent task, so that fixes the "new day at midnight" issue.

Now the issue is how to keep the parent task and/or subtasks from cluttering up your hotlist.

If you don't use subtasks for anything else, the answer is easy - just keep tasks nested all the time (under "Filters" / "Nest Subtasks"). Only the parent task will show up on your hotlist, which is probably tolerable. Subtasks can then be accessed by selecting "Toggle Subtasks", which will expand the whole list, but you can re-collapse it anytime you want.

If you do use subtasks for other things, there's a bit of a wonky workaround: don't check off the parent task until you arrive at work the next day. This will mean that the parent task still hangs out on your hotlist, but the subtasks - which are completed - don't. The downside of this method is that once you arrive at work and check it off, your parent task and all subtasks will display as due "tomorrow". Which I suppose is technically correct. :)

I've tested all of the above on the web interface and it seems to work the way you want it, with the exception of that parent task on your hotlist. The only catch is that I don't know how often you use the web interface during the day; what program you're using to access your list through the iPod (and how it displays subtasks); whether you like to also view your hotlist at work, and so on. But hopefully this will give you some ways to test.
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