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Repeat until {date} or Repeat {X} times
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Posted: Jan 09, 2012
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A quick search for "repeat until" shows this is a long-standing request.

I'm now making the request because my Toodledo is setup with Google calendar subscription and a repeating daily task is showing up beyond January on the Google calendar. The last date for this task is January 31st, but there's not a way to set this up in Toodledo.

I'm subscribing using the "events" link.

Thanks for your time.

Posted: Jan 09, 2012
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I think you're stuck with 3rd party compatible task managers. I use 2Do on my iPad2, and it allows me to create tasks that repeat but end when I specify. I created a task that repeats daily for 2 days (task appears in 2Do on 3 days, the original then 2 repeated days). When I sync, I see the task in, but it only appears on the original day but as repeating. However, it does not appear repeatedly. Somewhat strange behavior perhaps, but it does allow me to have repeating tasks that eventually end at least in 2Do and it doesn't appear to misbehave in Toodledo(.com) itself.
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