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Advice 4 new iPhone app user; old-time TD user
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Posted: Apr 05, 2012
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Actually I am launching my adult son with Toodledo Pro account and iPhone app. I am long time TD user, but brand new to iPhone app.
Any ideas on creating a simple system; iPhone versus main TD gotchas; etc. Critique and suggestions for my ideas/guesses of an approach are greatly appreciated. Context is that he will be going to grad school and continuing to do some freelance work; hopefully will still have a personal life.

Goal is simple approach that encourages consistent use; most full entry of new tasks would not be on iPhone. iPhone would be primarily to have easy access to hot list and to Starred items.

I have glanced at some of the forum posts (many of which are older, so iPhone features I'm sure have improved, and some past problems {synch, repeated tasks, etc.}have been resolved.

1) Do not completely rely on iPhone app. Test things as you are learning so that you do NOT loose any important tasks. I plan to suggest that initially all tasks marked completed be reviewed daily to make sure that one did not inadvertently mark something complete that is NOT. Seems like this error might be easier to do on iPhone with limited screen space.

2) A task with subtask should have the first word of the description in ALL caps, so that if it is viewed out of context (inline) one automatically knows that it has subtasks.

3) While I generally do not like proliferating folders and for many of my own projects I can manage via task/subtask, it seems that having more folders (upto perhaps 10 to 12) might make using things on iPhone easier. Folder would be major current projects, and life areas. Since each Folder would have fewer tasks/subtasks finding things on iPhone might be easier with this organization (in contrast to folders that were more like Personal Work Maybe Reference Lists).

4) Sorting that works for you? Will suggest GTD principle of only having due dates on items that truly have deadlines or appointments. While most looking at TD on iPhone at least initially might be via Hotlist or Starred view, when actually viewing a Folder that sorting Priority and then Alphabetical OR Priority then Date Added might be a suggested sort. (Neither I or my son are full-on GTD people.)

5) For my own use, I try to minimize the number of TD fields that I use (or display). Having fewer would seem to have even more pay off for iPhone app to reduce clutter; do you find that to be a good guideline?

I will most likely suggest at least initially NOT using:
Start Date
and probably Status

Emphasis would be on
Due Date

6) New tasks entered on iPhone unless they do not need breaking down into subtasks, or need a Note; and those which would be obvious even if written in shorthand would either be placed in an Inbox folder, or always reviewed at end of day for proper assignment and as needed further elaboration when one has access to a true keyboard.

I love the flexibility of TD, and I expect the iPhone app as well, and know that there is not just one set of best practices that works across all people/situations. Nonetheless, there are great people on the forum that have evolved their approach and can help cut the learning curve for others - thanks for taking the time to cut my learning curve on iPhone app.
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