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Posted: Feb 20, 2009
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#1: I want to reinforce "rainbow.lentil's" post of 11-17-2008. Your subtask creation method is convoluted. Please fix this by (perhaps) allowing a link from within a task for the creation of a subtask.

#2: I want to also reinforce "Proximo's" post of 2-5-2009 - especially regarding:
- the use of a different icon (to indicate "Project") when subtasks exist;
- that your methodology can cause your clients to miss and important subtask; and
- that "Flattened" view is useless (for the cited reasons).

#3: I want to reinforce "Viktor's" post of 02-13-2009 - especially regarding the color coding of master tasks.

#4: I want to be able to copy and paste Tasks and subtasks (I have recurring "standard" Tasks and subtasks for many different clients). It would be great if I could have a "stable" of Task and Subtask templates that I could pick from.

#5: Have you considered allowing your clients (on the Pro side, of course) the ability to rename fields by giving each client his (or her) own naming table?

#6: Lastly, have you considered adding a step or two to your "Post New Topic" process that would allow a poster to review the post, make any needed corrections and then do a final posting?

Whew. Sorry to be so long.

I hope you find the above items of potentially broad enough in appeal that you include them in your next update. Right now, it seems a lot of folks are doing "work arounds" that these updates might fix. Thanks.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 22, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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