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Posted: Jun 02, 2012
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Does Toodledo work well as a checklist application? I currently have a number of basic checklists, such as the steps of the GTD weekly review, what to pack for a trip, tasks that should be performed once per month or once per quarter, etc. I currently keep these checklists in Handyshopper on my Palm. It would be great to incorporate these checklists so they are all on the same device (an ITouch), if not in the same application as my everyday task list. But I don't want to go to the trouble to set it up if it is just trying to put a round peg into a square hole. Are there any suggested best practices to incorporate checklists in Toodledo without confusing them with my regular task list? I would appreciate any suggestions.

Posted: Jun 04, 2012
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This is a controversial subject - some use TD for lists, others feel it's too kludgy. I'm of the latter group. Particularly when a list is long, I find TD not very workable. It also depends on the type of list. For my Weekly review, and for my meeting preparation list, I use TD. That's because it works ok for lists that are nearly the same each time, with only a few items that I delete if they don't apply in a given instance. I don't like TD for my grocery list, because I prefer Splashshopper, or something like it, so I can go through a master list each week and select the items I need this week, then filter for needed items when I go shopping. You could, and I have, make TD do all this, but compared to the ease with which I can do this in Splashshopper, it's just too much work. If you do decide to use TD for grocery shopping or the like, I suggest a separate account, to avoid having to filter all your other views to remove food items from appearing in your daily task list.
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