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Posted: Mar 11, 2008
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to the crowd: how do you set up your reminders? i´m with toodledo for quite some time (longer than with any other todo list app) and love using it. the only thing i find not really working for me are task reminders. but maybe, i´m just doing something wrong. so i´d like to ask, what your typical setup might be, how reminders via twitter work for you etc.

Posted: Mar 11, 2008
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I am fairly new, but have had luck with the SMS/Email reminders in the "connections" area. You have to assign a due TIME for the task for this to work ... which is not an option when adding a task from the iPhone, so there is that draw back.
I also receive the daily email reminder of my hotlist.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Mar 11, 2008
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Actually, due-time is available on the iphone version. If you are not seeing it, it may be because you have this field turned off. To turn it on, go into your account settings and under "fields used" put a check mark next to due-time.

Hope that helps

Posted: Mar 16, 2008
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Yes ... sorry for the misinformation. I did notice it the very next time I was using my iPhone to input a new task. I must have had it turned off at one time. I was coming back to update my incorrect post.

Sorry for any confusion. I'm a huge fan. This site alone has made the iPhone a device I have fallen in love with!
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