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Posted: Mar 08, 2009
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Hi guys, I have MS Outlook 2007 on both my home PC and work laptop (and I work from home by the way, so my home PC and my work laptop sit about 5 feet apart). I have an iPhone, and also just recently signed up on the website.

In the past, for tasks I have always just popped them into my Calender in Outlook 2007 so I can put a reminder time on, so if I need to remember to drop off drycleaning on Thursday or need to remember to buy a box of sprinkler heads, I would pop it into my Calendar in Outlook 2007. My home PC and my work laptop both run Windows Vista 64 bit Utlimate by the way. I rarely use the Tasks button in MS Outlook, other than rightclicking on emails to set reminder to do something or reply some time later on.

My question is this, I want to buy the Toodledo iphone app too and use the syncing app to sync it all up, but I'm trying to see the benefit in using Toodledo on the web versus just using MS Outlook 2007 calendar and tasks. I like that you can access toodledo from anywhere, but its extremely rare I would need to use it off a differnt web connections. I do however add tasks a lot on my iphone, but again usually I just add them to the calendar. The issue I see with Toodledo is potentially I guess not having alarms/reminders for all these tasks. The issue I see with just using an Outlook on the PC/Calendar on the iphone combo, is that there is no "Outlook" sort of feature for tasks on the iphone, other than using Toodledo, but I mean, an Outlook task sort of application.

My ideal situation is not having to using several different sites/applications, all just for managing tasks and to-do lists. My question is, if you have Outlook 2007, are there any compelling reasons to use the website? I can see buying the iphone Toodle app so I can enter tasks and todo stuff on the fly if Im away from my PC, but is there any reason to use website over Outlook 2007?

Major reasons that is. I'm just trying to figure out how best to organize and get all this set up with the options I have, and it seems sort of convoluted. Seems like I might be missing something, but I want to try to use the best setup I can with the resources and options available. I figure either way I probably need to buy and install the Toodle application on my iphone so I can add there (other than not having reminders sort of sucks, but I guess thats Apple's fault really). After that though, any reason to use Toodledo over the Outlook 2007 calendar and tasks? Or is Toodledo really designed for people who use yahoo and aol and gmail and such and don't have Outlook 2007?

Thanks in advance guys!

Posted: Mar 08, 2009
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I know how you feel. I had been trying for years to find a solution that would allow me to get rid of outlook completely because I was simply tired of connecting my phone to my laptop in order to sync.

But then, out of nowhere, I installed Toodledo on my phone which provided me with the first solid solution to implement GTD in a mobile environment. I also had my concerns intially about the lack of alerts(limited to text/email alerts) but then I just decided to use the iphone's built-in alarm clock to just remind me to review Toodledo at various intervals during the day.

Shortly thereafter, I switched to Google Calendar because of a recent article about a solution to use the MS Exchange functionality on the iphone to keep both contacts and the calendar in sync wirelessly - for free!! I was using it for about a week when I read another article that stated Toodledo had an add-on or feature that would allow Toodledo capabilities within Google Calendar. I implemented it and everything has been lovely! I no longer use outlook and I now have complete control of my calendar, contacts, and tasks via any computer and my iphone!! See the following links....

Googlesync for iphone:

Add toodledo to Google Calendar:

Good luck and hopefully this is a viable solution for you and others!!

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