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Include sorting in saved searches
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Posted: Dec 11, 2012
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I've posted this a couple of years ago (wow, time flies), but I would still be very interested to see this feature I proposed back then.

The search and sort features are really great! In my opinion it could easily replace all other views, since you are able to create your own views as you like.
However, it could be so much better if it was possible to save a search that also includes the way of sorting that makes sense for that particular search.

Suppose you have a search for all tasks with Folder=Sports, then it might make sense to sort by Tag if you have tags like running, skiing, climbing, etc. But for another search, for example Folder=Shopping, it might make more sense to sort by Context if you have contexts like @supermarket, @mall, etc.

In the current situation you first click your saved search and then adjust the sorting. This takes several mouse clicks extra (plus extra thinking), which is a pity.

Posted: Dec 11, 2012
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rdd, I agree. :)

Here's a link to your previous post on October 6, 2009:

And here's Jake's response to a similar request on May 23, 2012:
This is something that is on our to-do list, but the main purpose of this idea is to save 2-6 mouse clicks. While this is certainly important, it is not what we would call a critical feature, so we have been focusing more on things that cannot be done at all, like mobile access and sharing. We will get to it eventually.

Jake has "been focusing more" on other things ...

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