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Posted: Jan 13, 2013
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Hey Toodledo,

I've been a pro subscriber for years and find your product dependable. In the meantime, I've griped about it not being pretty enough to use and not having a nice workflow like OF. In the past 2 months, I've been exploring alternatives because I've lost the infatuation I've had in the beginning. I've stopped organizing my tasks and have gone several days without opening the app or website, whereas in the past, I consulted them many times a day.

However, my search for a new task management system made me realize that it's not you, but it's really me. In evaluating Things vs Omnifocus, my initial impression that they're clones of each other was challenged. In reality, they were very different when you use it for what it's meant for. That realization also showed me that I it's unfair to judge Toodledo for not being like <X task management app> enough. You guys cater to a certain segment of the market, prioritize certain SW requirements over others, and injected your own personality into your product. You have a unique product that's just right for a certain crowd.

So my thoughts to the developers is to resist the complaints of some of the most vocal if they are not the customers you designed TD for. You are not going to please everyone, and if you try to do so, you will end up displeasing everyone.

My own personal reason for switching is that I found the interface too cluttered and made reviewing upcoming tasks daunting. Aesthetics is somewhat important to me, whereas years ago, it was not. I also get bored easily, so I do predict getting bored of OF and moving to a different system later on. My point is that there are customers you just can't please indefinitely.

I still plan on keeping your app on my homescreen for months to come as I transition over. I might even come back if my priorities shift again. Toodledo has been dependable, powerful, and flexible. Although it's not right for me anymore, I still think your product rocks.

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