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Ultimate To-Do List or another?
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Posted: Mar 10, 2013
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Good day. Use the week Ultimate To-Do List .Скачал to Play the Market. Used for the htc desire, hd a9191 Now purchased a Samsung Galaxy Note II and respectively to a new machine it is necessary to put a good программу.Раньше with these programs have not worked .Понравилось : automatically synced with the Google calendar, doing changes in the notes, tasks, they immediately appear in "Toodledo: Your To-Do List" ,setting priorities ,add contacts .
Ask for advice : install this program on my new machine Samsung Galaxy Note II (back my tasks on the new machine?) ?There is if the program more than the best (auto-sync calendar and created notes necessarily) with a good Russian menu , simple installation and adjustment ,proven and tested ,it is desirable to attach files ,preferably with sub-tasks (for a good program can pay within a reasonable)? Work in the field of construction and repairs of buildings ,often leaving on the object to make the recordings : description of the object ,tools ,materials ,what with whom arranged ,how much money paid ,how much owed ,draw a scheme ,to make photo . Installing the program I want to solve questions :
abandon records on paper (all in one) and put things in order ,in case of loss of the unit or failure of the save and restore all the data .Заранее thank you .
Questions on this program :
On the "Location" when creating tasks : Address is not always find when entering the address (it appears in the database of the address is not all there is ), does not generate a signal, when you are next to the адресом.Похоже to work this function, you must enable the Internet,GPS,Wi-Fi and be in the running program next to the place , then the program will signal :rolleyes: . Sorry ,if this is so ,and the initiative is good ,especially when you go past the place ,in which he had long been something to do .
2) On a home computer ,when the engine note ,constantly arise between phrases inscriptions </ FONT> </ FONT>, <font>, <font>, <font>, <font class=""> <font>, <font> in different вариациях.Невозможно do paragraphs, everything is in plain text.
3)it is Unclear as automatically synchronizes ,it looks like it only works with constantly on the Internet (off-turn on the Internet automatic synchronization does not occur), you have to constantly подстраховыватся and click on the button «synchronize» .
3) the Menu is not quite clear ,perhaps because of the translation . If you open the Google "Toodledo: Your To-Do List" is not quite clear translation (page translated automatically), the words are superimposed on each other ,it is difficult to make out .
4)it is Not clear what for "Folders" and how to use them.
5)I Wonder if it works :Scheduler the scheduler is useful when you feel hesitant or do not have the energy or motivation to be as productive as you could be. All you need to do is specify how much time you have to work and Toodledo tell you what to do.
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