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Continuing Notebook Sync Issues After Update
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Posted: May 09, 2013
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I'm not sure about the rest of the greater ToodleDo community, but I continue experiencing Notes sync issues between the ToodleDo Web site and the ToodleDo app on my iPhone and iPad, even after the most recent update that was supposed to resolve these issues.

There is no rhyme or reason to these issues, and they occur intermittently, but I can give a couple of definitive examples:

1.) If I create a NEW Note in the ToodleDo app on my iPhone or Ipad, or on the Web site, and sync, everything is fine, everything updates everywhere, no problem.

2.) If I modify an EXISTING Note on the Web site, it generally will NOT update the ToodleDo app on the iOS devices. Likewise, if I modify an EXISTING note on one of the devices, it will not update the Web site.

3.) After this failure occurs, if I were to go in and then create a NEW Note, then everything will usually start to sync correctly, including the recently modified EXISTING Note. Doesn't always happen, sometimes I have to close apps then restart, then create another NEW note, etc. but eventually everything syncs. Usually.

4.) 50-70% of the time since the update, when I either add a new Note or modify an existing one, in the iOS app on either device, I get a solid grey bar directly above or near said Note, with the text "<NULL>" on the left hand side of the bar, and the number "1" off to the right hand side. A refresh will not get rid of this issue, I have to literally close the application then restart it. And then it goes away.

I have the benefit of another ToodleDo power user in the house, my wife. She is experiencing the exact same issues with the exception of the "<NULL>" message which she has not seen, yet. I told her that I would submit one ticket on behalf of the two of us, which I just did. In the interest of time, I wanted to also share my experiences with the greater ToodleDo community, just to make sure that I/we aren't the only ones experiencing these Notes issues.

So, is anyone else experiencing these issues?

Posted: May 16, 2013
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I just did a quick test.
I created a task on the iphone and added a note.

I then went to the web page (laptop), did a refresh, and I could see the task and note fine.
I added a line to the note using the web page.

I then went back to the iphone, and both lines of the note showed in the task (after a sync).
I added another line to the note.

I went back to the web page and I could see all lines of the note.

Note: I had removed the app from my iphone with the latest problems to prevent sync problems from corrupting my data/tasks. So I installed it in new.
Try a stop and start of the app to see if that helps (it fixed some other sync problems for users).
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