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Posted: Apr 03, 2009
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I like to work through the Toodledo Google gadget frequently. For the most part it works great. However, several enhancements would REALLY help:
1) When you're viewing the gadget there is Navigation bar allows you to navigate between various folders, contexts, etc. Many times I'll set my default to say Hotlist, but sometimes I'll be navigating around in, say, the @office context. Problem is if I go to Edit any of these tasks in the @office context, I have no way to navigate back to my @office task list except Refresh and then navigate back to Contexts | @office...this is very annoying. Could we please keep the navigation bar available when we click on or Edit a task even if the Navigation bar only allows us to go Back to the list from which we came? Bonus point if we could also click a task and Navigate to sibling tasks!
2) Would be nice if gadget could remember where we had navigated to if the browser is refreshed or at least make it easier to set the Default Start about a thumb-tack at the right side of the Navigation bar? Would also like to set Default Start page to a specific Context like @office or @home instead of just at the Contexts level. Same goes for specific folder or specific priority, etc.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 05, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Apr 19, 2009
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I will second this -- having the gadget flip back to the top view on a refresh, and not remember my sort order, makes it useless to me, because I keep losing context every time the page refreshes. It would be far more useful if it behaved a little more like the iPhone app with the ability to set a start page and memory for sort style.
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