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IMAP/RSS watch folder feature
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Posted: Apr 03, 2009
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From time to time I'm searching the web for new Task/time management solutions.

Currently I'm a Pro user of RTM, but I'm missing several features. Toodledo seems quite on the right track for me so I'll try to ask for a feature I'm seeking to find one day.

"IMAP/RSS watch folder"
Nowadays many people use IMAP for managing their mail from multiple locations and devices.
I'm heavily using GMail to manage my mail because I like the idea of tagging my mails. Tagging a mail as TODO will make this mail visible in the IMAP folder "TODO".
Now I need a Task-manager that watches my IMAP folder "TODO" and imports every new mail that appears in this folder.
The same functionality would be possible vis a RSS feed. Toodledo could consume a RSS feed (RSS feed of my GMail-TODO folder: and create a task of every new item in this feed.
What makes this idea interesting to me is the fact that I can simply tag a clients E-Mail as TODO and it will magically imported to my todo list. No need to forward emails, no need to enter the toodledo email address again and again. Simply starring a mail and I'm done.

Interesting? I hope so ;)

Posted: Apr 03, 2009
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Wow! I have no idea how complicated this might be, and I never would have thought of this myself, but it would be really cool. I hope Toodledo will consider it.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Apr 05, 2009
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Neat idea. Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Apr 05, 2009
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I was just thinking of something similar, though it is application-specific. Apple's stores To-Do's in an IMAP mailbox called "Apple Mail To Do", with each message being a to-do with custom headers describing the properties of the to do item. Would be great if Toodledo could read these mailboxes; I'm sure a lot of Mac users with IMAP accounts have them.

Posted: Apr 10, 2009
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I created a similar workflow from my office PC using VBA in Outlook 2007 & Toodledo's email import feature. See post here: Click here for post

Now I am looking for a way to do this in Apple Mail "watch a folder" for my home/remote Mac machines. I looked at Apple Mail rules & Automator actions but have had no luck so far. Any clever folks out there figure a way to do something like this?

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