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Posted: Aug 01, 2013
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how can i view in each folder both completed and uncompleted tasks ?? is it possibile ?? and is possible to see only completed ones ?? tnx
Jason Bushell

Posted: Aug 01, 2013
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In folder view, you can select "View Recently Completed Tasks", this will show completed tasks as being crossed out.

If this is something you will use a lot, and will be useful to you, I would recommend setting up your own specific search criteria to show you exactly the tasks you want to see.

So for example, you could select to only show tasks from Folder A, and show both completed and active tasks.

Search really is very powerful, and if you spend a bit of time using it, you can make your task views show you exactly what you want.

Posted: Aug 01, 2013
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One way would be to set up a Saved Search, deleting the usual starting criteria for Checked Off No. Then create a criteria
Folder | is | Onions

and save that search. This will show all tasks in the "Onions" folder. If you want to hide the completed tasks, simply deselect that option in the filters box.

If you want to see only completed tasks in that folder, you'd have to create another Saved Search for:

Checked Off | Yes
Folder | is | onions

Some of us who've been using TD for a while, pretty much live in the Saved Searches. I've actually recreated some of the other standard searches in Saved Searches so I rarely venture out into the other views.
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