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Siri synchronization
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Peter Scott

Posted: Dec 01, 2013
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I just tried out the Siri interface on my iPad 4, and the task did not show up on another device until I had opened Toodledo on the iPad. Is this expected behavior?

Sequence of events:

On iPad, said, "Siri, remind me to ..."
Siri responded with confirmation dialog.
Accepted confirmation.
On Macbook, opened Toodledo via the web.
Looked for the new task. Not there. Tried for a couple of minutes.
Went back to the iPad, opened Toodledo.
Saw the new task there.
Went back to MacBook, saw the task there.

I have the iPad settings as noted in the FAQ. Question: Do I need to open Toodledo on the same device I add a reminder using Siri before the task is added to the server, as this scenario apparently demonstrated? Just want to know.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 02, 2013
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Yes, you need to open Toodledo on the device that you used Siri on for Toodledo to be able to import that task. Unfortunately, Apple does not yet allow apps to use Siri when in the background.
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