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Occasional but very serious problem
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Brian Matlock_1343862228

Posted: Feb 07, 2014
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I wanted to bring to your attention a problem I've had now on several occasions related to my use of the mobile app on iPhone and my use of the Web page. This is ultimately a user error, and I recognize that, but its very easy to do for busy users of your software. I've now had at least two instances in which I was modifying the notes for a task while I was in the field, and somehow didn't sync the task afterwards. I have my iPhone app set to sync upon edit, open, close, etc., so it must be that I was interrupted with a phone call or some other distraction, and left the app open with an open task. Then I later was at my computer and typed critical information into the notes field, and saved it. Then the next time I went to my phone app, I save the open task, or exit the program (I'm not clear and don't remember these specifics--I'm always running in 10 directions), which caused toodledo to sync the version of the notes on the iPhone with the server, overwriting the critical information I had entered earlier. I've decided now not to use the app on the phone, but instead use the Slim site hoping that might fare better for me. Again, this hasn't been a frequent problem but it is a significant one for me. I'm afraid it will happen again as its difficult to remember to close out of everything when crisis arise amid entering notes for something unrelated.

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Feb 07, 2014
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Yes, if you edit a note or task in both places without syncing, Toodledo has a hard time knowing which version to select. If you have "sync on edit" turned on and always remember to save your changes before leaving the app, you should not have this problem. In the future we plan to build a conflict resolution feature where the app will present you with both versions for you to choose which one you want to keep.
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