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Having time-consuming future tasks be noticable
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Posted: Mar 08, 2014
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Are there any convenient/eloquent strategies in Toodledo to see tasks that are due in the future (e.g., 2 weeks), but require a lot of time to complete them, and thus have them pop-out or appear near the top of the the current list (sorted by importance?) rather than a few days before they're do?

I can think of several ways around this (e.g., setting up an extra task to do 30-minutes of work on this task due today--repeating daily, etc.). However, I've never seen a goal-setting program that does this well.

Ideally, the sorting algorithm would increase the importance of a task that is say, 2 weeks out, but requires 30 hours of work.

I was hoping people could share their work-around strategies for being able to plan future time-consuming tasks and then not losing sight of them in the big list. Or perhaps point me to a Toodledo feature that does this well.

Posted: Mar 09, 2014
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For tasks like these I will put the due date earlier than the actual due date. Probably put the real due date somewhere in the title.

Posted: Mar 10, 2014
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I use the Start Date field and a custom Hotlist to accomplish this. Very few of my tasks are like this, so very few have a Start Date. My custom Hotlist filters for:

Due Date|Before|Tomorrow
Start Date|Before|Tomorrow

along with other criteria.

So if I have a task that takes 30 hours to do and I plan to spend 3 hrs a day working on it, I set the Start Date 10 working days before the Due Date.
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