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Peter Scott

Posted: Mar 17, 2014
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Multi-edit on tags does a replace. Obviously that ought to be the default, but it is very desirable to have the option to add a tag. Some syntax in the multi-edit to allow this would be nice (e.g. "+tag" in the tag multi-edit field).

Sorry, just found this was asked a few weeks ago. That post didn't show up on my search and I can't delete this one.

Suggestion: "+tag" means add this tag, "-tag" means remove this tag, otherwise it's a replace. Multiple tags where some have + or - and some don't could be treated as a syntax error.

This message was edited Mar 17, 2014.
Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Mar 17, 2014
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Thanks for the suggestion. We can't comment on a time frame for implementation, but this is on our to-do list.
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