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Why we need Outlines?
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Posted: Apr 05, 2014
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Hi everyone,

I ´ve just ask myself and you...

Why we need Outlines if we can build so easy a list with 2 colums: one for the name of things and one for checklist to do the same that Outlines?

Thank you all!

Posted: Apr 07, 2014
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I think it is just another expansion of the platform.

The strength of Toodledo is in it doesn't force you to use one method, with Outlines and Lists it's another method or can be used to supplement your needs.

Personally I have started a parent task in the main Tasks and linked an outline to it. For my needs I only need to track the main task's due date, context, and priority. None of my subtasks need that detail and I need sub-sub-tasks, in comes Outlines. I can sub-sub all I want there, edit quickly, rearrange, etc.

Does that kind of answer the question? There really is no right or wrong answer.

Posted: Apr 10, 2014
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It´s your answer, thanks. It´s absolutely true, Toodledo is a configurable software which kick a** to their competitors. Anyway, you can do the same with Lists and link to parental task for your needs... That´s the point.

Thank you for your answer

Posted: Sep 18, 2014
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I do not see the point of Outlines. ToodleDo is STILL the very best to do list app and Web interface out there. Notebooks COMPLIMENTED ToodleDo to do list functionality. Outlines COMPLICATED and CLUTTERED ToodleDo. I was able to simply ignore Outlines when it was just integrated into the Web interface. Now it's a LARGE BUTTON at the base of the ToodleDo app that I have to ignore or press by mistake when trying to access Tasks or Notebooks. Not good. Outlines should be an OPTION, definitely on the app, probably on both. Some of us like things simple.
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