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Posted: May 06, 2014
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I really like Toodledo, but sometimes I want to just throw it out the window.

I want to be able to choose several tasks and change them all at once. This seems so fundamental that I can't believe it isn't there. It should be click, click, click, change. And I don't mean search and multi-edit. That's a nice feature, but not what I'm talking about. I should be able to just visually choose some tasks and change them.

Actually, I think that's the way completion should work. Click, click, click, choose mark completed.

Toodledo is so close to how I want it to work. But that one missing thing is really fundamental.

Also, it does not appear that the forum search results can be sorted, so results from years ago are next to results from yesterday.


Toodledo Founder
Posted: May 06, 2014
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Thanks for the suggestions. We do not comment on timeframes for implementation, but these are on our to-do list.


Posted: May 07, 2014
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Interestingly, the Android app allows multi-selection. But you can't do anything once you've selected more than one task. Conversely, the web app doesn't allow multi-selection, but with a filter you can do things to more than one task. Just marry the two and we'd be all set!

(BTW, this has long been my #1 feature request.)

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