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Posted: May 08, 2014
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I've noticed this with many apps, since ios 7.1, and it occurs with TD on my iPhone, too, so I'm hoping you can give me some insight that will help me know how best to deal with this.

I'm in the TD app. I edit a task. I flip to another app to review notes, or a date, or something. I flip BACK to TD -- and there's a pause/refresh period -- but, if I'm not prepared for that, I think I can start working immediately (as I'm pretty sure I COULD, pre-7.1) -- and then the app refreshes. In TD, most of the time, it's not a problem because the app takes me back to where I last was (because I set that preference).

But, in other apps, it can cause problems. It'll refresh a screen so that I LOSE what I was doing before I flipped. The Bing search app, for example, loses the page I was on.

And, really, that PAUSE is a PITA. It did not occur, before, and it has slowed me down dramatically, on my iPhone. My brain does not retain things well (that's why I use TD). If I flip away and then have to wait for even a second, on my return, I may lose my place in my mind.

Can you explain what changed, in 7.1? I know there's stuff going on with "background app refresh"ing that was supposed to better-simulate multi-tasking -- but it seems to have made things MUCH worse (in my opinion).

Should background app refresh be ON, or OFF, to smooth this out? (It's currently OFF, for TD, for me.)
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